The purpose of this article is to help you: 

  • Know what the card hold feature is
  • Learn how to enable the card hold feature
  • Know the settings 


Currently only available when using Stripe as your Payment Processor.

What is the card hold?

The card hold feature allows you to place a customers credit/debit card on hold for the amount of their booking prior to the booking taking place. This helps to ensure that the funds are available and you will be paid for the service. If you do not have the card hold feature enabled, the system will attempt to charge the booking after it has been completed and you may run into issues where the customer does not have the total amount of the booking in their account. 

Enable the card hold feature

To enable the card hold feature go to:

Settings >

General >

Store Options > 

General Tab > 

Put Credit Card on Hold > 

"Would you like to place a hold on the customer's card payment to ensure funds?" > 

Yes > 

Select your settings on how and when you want the card to be placed on hold. 


Card hold settings 

These are the settings you can choose different options for once you have enabled the card hold feature. There are tool tips next to each question to give you a more in-depth answer as to each. 

  • Would you like to place a hold on the customer's card payment to ensure funds?
  • Which of your payment charging methods would you like this to be enabled for?
  • Which of the booking types would you like this enabled for?
  • When would you like to place the booking amount on hold?
  • What would you like to happen if the hold for the booking amount fails?


What happens if a card hold fails? 

You will want to select one of the following options if you have an instance in where a customers card hold fails. Based on your settings under the store options, the following cases are possible with the card hold feature.

Option 1: Cancel the booking immediately and notify the customer, provider and myself.

The system will attempt to hold the card with the scheduler and if the card fails for the booking amount or declines for some other reason, then the booking will be cancelled immediately and an email will be sent to you, the customer and provider for the booking cancellation.

Option 2: Notify the customer and myself and cancel the booking 24 hours before it is scheduled to be started.

If a card fails or declines, then the system will update the booking and send an email to you and the customer that the card failed and you need to add a new card on the booking. The booking will be canceled 24 hours before completion time if you or the customer do not update the card on the booking.

Option 3: Leave the booking and notify me. 

The system will not make any changes on the booking and will send a notification to you so that you can check the booking and make the required changes.

By default, the third option is set and you as the admin will get a notification when a card fails for the booking amount. You can then either cancel the booking from the system or can add a new card to it.


Card hold fails for a rescheduled booking

If the card hold fails on a rescheduled booking, then a popup will open asking if you want to do something else. 

  • Switch to cash/check and update the booking: In this case, the booking will be updated and moved to the cash/check payment method.
  • Cancel booking: This will update the booking and mark it as canceled. You as the admin or the customer can resume this booking by adding a new card to it.
  • Close and try another card: This will close the popup only and nothing will be updated on the booking. You will need to go into the booking and change the card details to another one to try again. 



There are email and SMS notifications for you as the admin and the customer. These notifications are for failed card hold attempts. To enable them you will have to go to:

Settings > 

Notifications > 

Emails or SMS > 

Admin or Customer tab >

Scroll down until you see "Card declined on hold" > 

Make sure that it is green and reads "Enabled" so that it is properly enabled and can send out whenever there is a declined card.