PLEASE NOTE: Currently the Marketplace app development is on pause so that we can work on improving the software with more features and functionality that our customers have been asking for. Once we have determined that we are ready to move back into finalizing the app, we will let you all know.


The BookingKoala Marketplace

Our Marketplace is being built to help you get more jobs without breaking the bank.

You shouldn't have to worry about gaining clients, especially if you are starting or have no marketing experience. So, let us do that for you!

We take a small 10% commission for any job you complete. This will make acquiring jobs more affordable, and you only pay once the job has been completed.

This creates the perfect opportunity to open a business and get clients right away. Once ready, we will be actively searching for business from all sorts of industries and locations to fulfill the needs of our Marketplace shoppers.




To join our marketplace, we will have several requirements.

  1. You must be a Growing BookingKoala user (more on that later).
  2. You must complete 5 bookings on our platform before being listed as a business under our marketplace.
  3. You must receive 2 reviews inside the platform before being listed.
  4. You must offer all of our leads a 10% to 25% discount on your services (it is up to you how much you'd like to offer). This is a first-time (one-time) client discount and it will only be applied towards the first service. The system will handle this automatically and you will be able to track everything from your dashboard.


How will I get clients?

We will drive the traffic to you. When a user signs up for our mailing list, we will send them an email with our top businesses in their location and desired industry. 

For example, if a holiday is coming up, we will reach out to you to offer special deals to potential buyers when we promote your business. Sometimes, we may even send out emails that focus on your company exclusively. 

Whenever the lead is ready to book, they will do so through your booking form, giving them access to all of the BookingKOala features. They'll be able to tip your providers, rate the service, book new services, and reschedule on the go, plus all of the other features we are always adding.


How can I get placed higher on the list?

Each new business that signs up for the marketplace will be automatically placed at the bottom of the list.  Based on several different factors, we may move you up the list as time goes by.

These factors include:

  • Your average ratings
  • The types of promotions and pricing you offer
  • Having a quality, user-friendly experience on your website

We will be seeking new businesses to join our list, so securing your spot early will greatly benefit your business before the lists become too crowded. We will announce once we are accepting new businesses for the Marketplace.  


Why must I be a "Growing" subscriber to participate?

All of our shoppers will be promised a great service. The goal of our platform is to help get customers what they want. Too many businesses rely on outdated business models without keeping up with trends that focus on the customer's experience.  

Today, services like Uber are ruling the industry by offering businesses convenience and an excellent experience.  Meanwhile, smaller businesses may struggle to meet the same requirements for many different reasons.

We hope that BookingKoala can allow these smaller businesses to complete with multi-million dollar services and even the playing field.  Through our features, businesses can offer discounts to customers while customers will rate their experience, helping us determine which businesses are doing well.  


Why must I have 5 completed bookings and 2 reviews to participate?

We require a minimum of 5 completed bookings and 2 reviews to particular in the Marketplace program. This is to validate that you are a real user. This also helps us determine what type of service you offer.  

We closely monitor reviews to ensure the best businesses are showcased to our potential leads. If you'd completed jobs in the past somewhere else, you can easily replicate them on our platform.  Even if you've completed hundreds of jobs, we would be happy to assist in getting them scheduled into your platform, so you can become listed within just a few hours.




Why do I have to offer a 10-25% discount for the first service?

There are three main reasons why we would offer this coupon code.

  1. Having a discount code will allow you to track how many clients we get your business.
  2. So we can track your commissions. However, if a customer books with you without ever entering the coupon code, you will take home 100% of the revenue and we will get no commission.
  3. Leads enjoy discounts and it increases conversion into recurring customers.  


How do I track how many clients the marketplace gets me?

Since most of the users will use the coupon code, you can run a report from the Reports section of your dashboard. Enter the code into the "Coupon" filter towards the top of the page.

If a customer calls your office to book and you apply the coupon on the customer's behalf, it will still be tracked here.  


What if you don't advertise my industry or location yet?

If you are the first to be interested in an area we don't service yet, this will be a great opportunity to sign up and get ahead of the pack! Once we have three interested businesses in your industry and location, you will be added to that region and we will begin to advertise for you.  If shoppers like what you have to offer, they can book right then and there.

As of right now, signs ups are currently closed until we launch the marketplace program.  


How do I get started? 

To get started, you must first sign up for a BookingKoala account, on the Growing plan or higher.

Once the marketplace platform is launched, you'll be able to request to join the marketplace right from within your account. 

After your request is received, we will reach out and contact you with more information on how to get started.