The purpose of this article is to help you: 

  • Locate the leads export tool in the system
  • Customize and download information from a .CSV file

Where to find the lead(s) export tool

We have created an export tool for several different areas in your account and in this article we will focus on exporting your leads. Perhaps you want to share your leads with a marketer, or maybe you have received leads that are better for another one of your businesses. Regardless, you will need an easy and efficient way to export this data.

To begin the process, go to your main menu and click on:

  • Leads > 
  • All Leads

If you’d like to initiate the export, please click the green “Export” button on the top of your screen.

How to customize your export file

Once you’ve landed in the "Export Lead(s)" area, you have several options to customize your download.  You can elect to export all leads in your account, or you can click “All Time” to see the option to pick a specific time period.  If interested, click “Custom Period” to launch the date selection calendar, choose your time frame, and click “Apply”.

Once you have selected your data preferences, you can decide if you want to click “Select All” to export all of the fields in your lead form, or you can select individual fields to customize the export data.  Once you click “Export” you device will automatically down the information as a .CSV file.