The purpose of this article is to help you understand: 

  • How to set up your lead form
  • How to add your lead form to your BookingKoala website

How do you set up your lead form?

First you will want to figure out if you would like to edit the sections that are already inside the 

To set up your lead form you will go to 

Leads >

Settings > 

"Add new" or edit the existing sections


If you decide to edit the current lead sections that are there, you will go ahead and click on "See/add custom fields" next to "What is your request?". On this page you will see all the sections that the potential lead will fill out. If you like these questions and would just like to rearrange the way they display, just hover over them, click, then drag and drop. Once you have them set in the proper order you will want to click on the blue "Update Priority" button. 


What are "Field Types?"

The field types are what types of input areas you can select for the customer to fill in. the field types that are in the system are:

  • Text- This allows you to type in something short like a name. 
  • Text area- This allows you to type in something longer like a comment or a paragraph of some sort. 
  • Dropdown- This allows you to have a dropdown list of multiple answers to choose from.
  • Checkbox- This allows you to have multiple answers that the lead can check mark.
  • Radio button- This allows you to have multiple answers like the checkbox but in a radio button format.
  • Note- This allows you to have an area in which you as the admin can write something in that will appear on the lead form. For example, if you want to give instructions on something you can set up the title, select "Note" and then write those instructions into the note section. Once you do that and save it then it will populate on your lead form for all potential leads to see. 


How to add the lead form to your website

If you are using the website that comes with your BookingKoala account then the lead/contact us form is automatically enabled and placed in your header and footer. If you are using an external website builder then you will need to get the embed code for that page and embed it to a page you have created in your website builder.