The purpose of this article is to help you understand: 

  • Where to enable the invoice notification 


Where Can I Enable The Notification? 

Customers can receive and download their invoices in several ways:

1. Set up your notifications so that every time a customer books or you book them over the phone, they get a receipt notification:

You can set up a different email designs to be sent out to recurring clients that book recurring service versus those who book a one-time service.

2. You can also resend them a receipt later on if needed which will send them an updated receipt if you made any changes.

Again, make sure this email notification is also enabled:


To learn more about notifications, click here.

To resend them the receipt, go to the specific booking you'd like to resend the receipt for and go to step 2 of the booking form, then click this button:


All you have to do is click the button and the person will receive the updated receipt via email.

3. The customer can login to their account, click their name from the menu and click on 'Your Profile' then scroll down to this section:


All booking invoices will be shown here after a booking has been completed. Later customers can come and download the invoice. Each invoice is updated whenever changes have been made to the booking which would result in a price change. 

All gift card receipts will also be stored here for customer to download if ever needed.

Note: You can also activate gift card receipts to be sent out from the same place you would activate your booking receipts.