Our educational marketplace was created to help others start and/or grow their service-type businesses. To do that, we want to provide entrepreneurs with the best content possible, and there's no better content than from those that are doing it or have done it before.


You make the content we give you 50% per sale.

  • We provide you the topic we need "how to grow a mobile car wash business' 'how to hire cleaners', etc.
  • We provide you with the videos we will need (your input is welcome)
  • You record the videos from your home
  • We put together the content and the quizzes
  • We list your product, and you earn commissions per each sale

Once the product goes live, buyers can review the course or ask for a refund. If we see that the course is underperforming, we will remove it from our marketplace. This ensures that the quality of the material that the creator (you) provides is top-notch.


How does this benefit you the creator?

  • Marketing can be challenging, and we do that for you.
  • You get 50% while we use the other 50% for marketing purposes, managers to hire to manage all content, plus any payment processing fees will be taken out of our cut.

If you are interested, send us an email to: support@bookingkoala.com, and let's get started.


How do you get paid?

  • We send you a report along with a payment once per month.
  • You will enter your PayPal address while we're setting up your account, where your payment will be processed monthly.

To get started, email us: support@bookingkoala.com!