The purpose of this article is to help you understand: 
  • The difference between "Multiply" vs "Manual" pricing 
  • The difference between "Multiply" vs "Manual" time

Quantity Based 

This option allows you to select if more than one extra can be selected. When enabled a box called "Maximum" will appear underneath. In this box you will input the maximum number of times the extras can be selected. 


Price and job length increase based on quantity

When enabled, this option allows you to increase the price and time based on the quantity of the extras selected. If enabled, a new question will appear underneath asking "Manual or Multiply Structure?"


Manual or multiply structure

Multiply will have the system automatically multiply the extras evenly by the number of extras selected. 

For example; if a customer selects this extra 3 times, then it will multiply the price and time structure by 3.  So if the extra is $25 and 20 minutes to complete, then it will multiply $25 x 3= $75 and 20 x 3 = 60 minutes. 

Manual will have the system take what you input in the price and time areas and based on the amount the customer selects it will add that time and price to the totals. 

For example; if you have this extra to be selected a maximum of 3 times then you can set the price and time to be different for 1 extra, 2 extras, and 3 extras. You can have it set that 1 extra will take 10 minutes to complete and be a $10 additional charge then 2 extras can be 15 minutes and be an additional $15 and lastly 3 extras can be 20 minutes to complete and $20 additionally.