The purpose of this article is to help you: 

  • Learn about each report section
  • See how each report can be filtered

Inside BookingKoala, you can view your reports from the dashboard and from the reports tab. All reports come with the 'Premium' plan only.

Here is what the you can check within each report:

Revenue report:

  1. Total revenue.
  2. Revenue per each frequency.
  3. Tips collected when activated.
  4. Parking collected when activated.
  5. Service fees collected when activated.

Bookings report:

  1. Total bookings.
  2. Bookings per frequency.
  3. Total tips collected.

Ratings report:

  1. Average rating of your company.
  2. Broken down per each star rating.


Here is how the advanced reports look like:

The advanced reports can be accessed from the 'Reports' tab in your menu (Premium plans only).

From this page you will have access to a quick overview of 6 reports and you can use the filter above to narrow down and specify your results.

6 reports:

  1. Revenue: See how much money your company is bringing in.
  2. Bookings: Learn how many bookings your are booking.
  3. Payments: Learn how much payments are being sent to your providers.
  4. Referrals: See how well your referral system is performing.
  5. Trends: Learn more details about your services and revenue. 
  6. Ratings: Learn how your company is doing?

On the bottom of the page under 'More Reports' you will have access to three other reports:

  1. Cancellation Reports: See why your customers are cancelling your services.
  2. Services: Which services are being booked most?
  3. Busiest Slowest Time: Which times are busiest at your company?

More about the filter:

  1. Search by date.
  2. Search per industry.
  3. Search per location.

Under each of the reports you can click the green button to gain more options.