The purpose of this article is to show you:

  • Where to find the booking time logs section 
  • How to check a job’s status
  • Where to find the time logs in the booking details
  • How to adjust completed time logs


View time logs and job status

Once the GPS and clock in/out feature is enabled, you will be able to view any time logs that are created in the system.  If you would like to see if the provider has clocked in for an appointment, go to your menu and click: 

  • Bookings
  • Booking Time Logs

If any tracking has begun, you will be able to see a record of it in this section.  When you scroll to the right, you can see live information about if the provider has clocked in, is en route, or has arrived at the location.  Whatever logs exist will be listed under these sections and you will be able to see a provider status like “Clocked In”,  “At Location”, or “Completed”.

You can also view this same information by clicking into your booking’s information section.  For example, let’s go to our “Upcoming Bookings Section” and click into the job’s details.  If tracking has begun, you will see a blue button that says “Booking Time Log”. When you click this button, you will be able to see the status, estimated job length, and whatever GPS information is presently available.

If you scroll down, you can view this data on a map. Pins will be placed on the map and show the provider’s location when they clocked in, if they arrived at the job location, and where they clocked out.  You can even see if they made a stop along the way.  

Viewing and adjusting completed booking time logs

Once your provider has clocked out and submitted any adjustments, you will be able to see the completed log in the “Booking Time Logs” section or by opening the job’s details section.  The data includes the:

  • Provider Status - such as “clocked in”, “at location”, or “complete”
  • Job Length - the length estimate you or your system created prior to arrival
  • GPS Actual Time - total amount of time tracked, including travel time and job length
  • GPS Job Length - total amount of time on location
  • GPS Travel Time - total amount of time spent traveling if they clocked in prior to arrival
  • GPS Travel Distance - total distance between clocking in and arriving on location (if they clock in at the location, this will automatically be “0”)
  • GPS Clocked In - exact time of clicking “clock in”
  • GPS Clocked Out - exact time of clicking “clock out” (if they forget, this will automatically be “0”)
  • Provider Override Job Time - Job length as suggested by the provider
  • Provider Override Travel Time - travel time as suggested by the provider
  • Provider Override Distance - travel distance as suggested by the provider

As mentioned previously, any provider adjustments to job time or distance travel will not override any GPS measurements.  As the admin, you have total control over these aspects and can override them any time by selecting the appropriate amount of time. Once you are finished, please click “Update” to override the provider’s suggestions.