Do you have friends that may be interested in using BookingKoala? 

  • For every paying "Premium" user, we will give you $197 in credits.
  • For every paying "Growing" user, we will give you $57 in credits.
  • For every paying 'Starter' user, we will give you $27 in credits.

You can use these credits towards your BookingKoala subscription ONLY.


How does it work?

Inside your account in the top right-hand corner, click on your name and a drop-down menu will appear. Then, click "Earn Rewards".

From here, you can share your unique link with your friends and family.

For example, if you decide to share a link on Facebook, it will look this:

Whenever a user lands on this blog post, we will track them via their browser cookies for 60 days. If they sign up for BookingKoala within this time frame, the system will automatically register them as a referral under your account. The moment they start paying, you will be rewarded the credits.



  • You can share links anywhere you'd like.
  • The user gets "cookied" for 60 days starting when they click your referral link.
  • If someone signs up within 60 days, they will count towards your referral.
    • Even if someone signs up within 60 days but doesn't start paying until half a year later, you will still get rewarded.


Do I have to sell the referral?

No, the moment you share your link and someone visits our blog post, we do the rest. Super simple!


Do I get rewarded if someone clicks on the 'Powered By BookingKoala' badge on my site?

If a user clicks on any "Powered By BookingKoala" badge on your site, you will get rewarded if they become a paying client. Whether it is through the badge on your booking form, home page when using our themes, or through a badge sent out via notifications.