For every paying client you sign up, we will give you one month’s commission up to 100%. You will get $13.50 (Starter), $28.50 (Growing), and $197 (Premium). We have an excellent product, and we want everyone to make money with it, so don’t wait too long!

Occasional bonuses may be given which are listed on this page:

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Once you've signed up, your account will be made for you:

Here you can track all of your referrals and payments.


How do I share my referral links?

To share your referral links please visit the assets page inside your account:

You can copy the link and give it to anyone manually or share links directly on social media channels.

For example, if you decide to share a link on Facebook it will look like this:


Whenever a user lands on this blog post, we'll track them via cookies for 60 days.

If they sign up for BookingKoala within that time frame, the system will automatically register them as a referral under your account.

The moment they start paying us, you will be rewarded credits.


More rules:

  • You can share links anywhere you'd like.
  • User gets cookied for 60 days after they click your referral link.
  • If someone signs up within 60 days, they will count towards your referral.
  • If someone signs up within 60 days and starts paying half a year later, you will still get rewarded.


Do I have to sell the referral?

No, the moment you share your link and someone visits our blog post, we do the rest. Super simple!


Why are users taken to the blog post?

We want to share content that feels more natural and more inviting. It is designed to help you get better conversions and sell more referrals.

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