Our current affiliate offers are as follows:

  • Offer 1: BookingKoala software
  • Offer 2: BookingKoala Education
  • Offer 3: SalesHangry software (coming soon)


Offer 1: BookingKoala software

For every paying client you sign-up, we will give you one month’s commission, up to 100%. You will get:

  • $13.50 per Starter subscriber
  • $28.50 per Growing subscriber
  • $197.00 per Premium subscriber

We have an excellent product, and we want everyone to make money with it, so don’t wait too long!

Occasional bonuses may be given and will be updated on this page

To start, click here to sign up.

Once you've signed up, an account will be generated for you.

You can use your account dashboard to track all of your referrals and payments.

Please be sure to have an update-to-date PayPal account inside your dashboard. This is how we will send your affiliate payment each month. You can also email us at support@bookingkoala.com for additional support with setting up your PayPal account.


How do I share my referral links?

To share your referral links, please visit the assets page inside your account:

You can copy the link manually or share links directly on social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more.

For example, if you decide to share a link on Facebook, it would look like this:


Whenever a user lands on this blog post, we'll track them via cookies for 60 days.

If they sign up for BookingKoala within that time frame, the system will automatically register them as a referral under your account.

The moment they start paying us, you will be rewarded credits.



  • You can share links anywhere you'd like.
  • The user gets "cookied" for 60 days starting when they click your referral link.
  • If someone signs up within 60 days, they will count towards your referral.
    • Even if someone signs up within 60 days but doesn't start paying until half a year later, you will still get rewarded.


Do I have to sell the referral?

No, the moment you share your link and someone visits our blog post, we do the rest. Super simple!


Offer 2: BookingKoala Education

Our marketplace is filled with content for others to learn from. Subscribing to our marketplace costs $80 annually, and other users can watch all the content constantly being added inside. Our affiliates earn 50% recurring commissions by promoting our marketplace to anyone looking to start and grow a service business.

Example payment: Today, someone signs up and starts paying, you get $40 (50%), and if the user renews in 12 months, you will get another $40 until the user cancels. If any refunds are given, that does not count as a paying user.

To start promoting, sign up by clicking here.

Create your free account, and then email us at support@bookingkoala.com letting us know that you are interested in promoting our membership as an affiliate.

We will then give you permission to promote the membership and you will be able to capture your unique links and track all of your sign-ups.

Once we give you permission you can find your affiliate links here:

Use the main "Homepage Link" to send your traffic to the main landing page. If you use the other links, you can directly send users to a specific course inside the membership. All links will sign up the user for "BookingKoala Education" membership and will credit you with a $40 commission payment so long the user stays a paying user.

To create your account click here.


Offer 3: SalesHangry software (coming soon)

As soon as we've released this program, we will let you know here!


If you have any questions regarding the affiliate program, please email us at support@bookingkoala.com or join our Facebook Affiliate group.