The purpose of this article is to help you:

  • Utilize the "late arrival" message feature in the provider app
  • Learn how to enable the "late arrival" message feature


How does the "late arrival" message feature work?

The "late arrival" message feature allows admin, staff, and optionally, providers to send one-way messages to the customer on the day of the booking using the admin/staff dashboard or BookingKoala for Providers app.

The admin/merchant can set a default "late arrival" message that works for their business. Providers can use the default message, edit it, or write an entirely new message depending on the circumstance.  

Once enabled, providers can go to the "Booking Details" page in their app and then click on the "Late Arrival Message" button beneath the customer's name and phone number.

You will be redirected to a Message page.  Here you can view the default message, edit it, or write a new message.  Please note there is a 1200-character limit per message.  

Once the message has been reviewed and/or crafted, click the blue "Send" Button at the bottom of the page.  


Where can I view sent messages? 

Click on the "Sent Messages" tab at the top of the Message page to view previously sent messages to this customer for this booking.


How to Enable and Set Up the "Late Arrival" Message

First, please be sure you have connected and set up your Twilio account so you can send SMS from BookingKoala. Click here for our complete guide.  

To enable and set up the "late arrival" default message, go to:

Settings > General > Store Options > Provider

Click the plus sign icon to expand the "Bookings" section.


Scroll down until you locate the option "Would you like to enable the "late arrival" message?".  

  • Select "Admin only" to only allow admin and staff members to use this option to notify clients.
    • Admin can send out the message by clicking the "send message" icon to the left of any booking listed in the system.

  • Select "Both (admin & provider)" to allow providers to use this feature as well.  

Next, enter the default message into the box below.

Use the "View Short Codes" button to add dynamic shortcodes to the message. These will populate with the customer's details when the message is sent.

You can edit the label of the button underneath the "Name of message button".