The purpose of this article is to help you understand: 

  • How to clock in and out using the GPS feature on the provider app

Clocking in and out from the provider end

On the provider’s app, the clock in and out feature is very easy to use.  Once they log into the dashboard, they will need to click on the booking to view the booking’s details.  This section is where they can view more specific information about the service, see customer details, and check for notes.  

Where to clock in and out

If you have enabled GPS tracking enabled, the provider will be able to use your their app to “Clock In”.  We’ve also added a button, “View Job On Map”, so if they want assistance with navigation after clocking in, all they need to do is click this button, launch their GPS, and select their starting point.

Once they have clocked in for the appointment, the GPS will begin tracking each aspect relating to time and travel.  At this point, the booking time log is created and you’ll be able to view any updates from your Admin dashboard. Providers can also choose to use the “Pause” button in case they have a scheduled break during the service, or if they need to momentarily stop working.  

Once the job has been completed, they can clock “Clock Out”. If the provider forgets to clock out, the GPS will automatically end the tracking the job once it detects that the provider has traveled away from the location.  The provider is also able to suggest corrections to this log if they made any mistakes using the click in/out feature, however these will never override the actual GPS logs.