The purpose of this article is to help you understand: 

  • How to enable the gps clock in and out feature
  • Where to find the booking time logs section and details


If your business requires it or if you’d like to test out a new way of logging your jobs, you can use our GPS and Clock In/Out feature. This feature utilizes the providers’ GPS as well as clock in and out buttons to track travel time, travel distance, and job length.  You can also check the job status to see if your provider has clocked in, is on location, and has completed the job.

Enable Your Settings

To begin using this feature, you will need to go into your settings to enable it for your store.  To do so, please go to your main menu and click:

  • Settings
  • General
  • Store Options
  • Provider Tab

This is where you can control various aspects having to do with your workers, including setting a default pay, how jobs will be added to their schedule, and the types of information they can view.  At the bottom of the page, there is the question:

  • “Would you like to activate the GPS feature which includes clocking in/clocking out?”  

If it is not selected already, please click “yes”.  

You can also decide if you’d like to enable auto clock out.  This means that when your provider moves over 100 meters from the job location, the GPS will assume the job has been completed and they are now leaving.  This can be a helpful tool for jobs that take place at one location, like a cleaning service or tutoring session, but would not be beneficial to dog walkers, landscapers, or anyone who does a bit of traveling throughout the service.  You can select your default unit of measure by selecting miles or kilometers.  If you work with teams, you can also decide if the GPS will only track the team leader, or if you’d like individual logs per each team member.

Always remember to click “Save” to update your system preferences.