The purpose of this article is to help you understand: 

  • How time logs are created
  • How to update time logs
  • How to download in csv file


How time logs are created

When you have the GPS feature enabled under "Settings->General->Store Options (Provider Tab)", your providers are able to clock in from the mobile app. When they click on: "On the way" on the booking details page from the app, the system starts tracking the time and a time log starts to show with status in the admin panel under "Bookings->Booking Time Logs". Admin can clock out from the admin panel if required.

In case the provider forgot to clock in on the booking then a booking time log will be added automatically upon completion of the booking. So lets say if a provider didn't log in the app or you assigned a different provider to the booking, a corresponding log would be added. Please note this log would be red in color and a tag "Needs attention" would be added along with it The values on this would be the estimated booking start and end time, you can edit the time log and update the values as per your requirement.

Admin can also clock in for a booking from "Bookings->Today's Bookings" page with the clock icon


Update time logs

Admin can make changes in the time logs for bookings as per the requirement if the details reported from the app are needed to be changed. Admin can click on "Edit" link in the time log table which will open a popup with prefilled details, admin can make changes and click on "Update" button as shown in screenshot

Admin can choose if the time adjustments in time log should be updated on the booking with the option under "Settings->General->Store Options (Provider)"


Export time logs

Admin can download the time logs from "Bookings->Booking Time Logs (Export)" page, this page provider you the option to select which fields you want to export for a date range. System will also remember the field selection and will show them prefilled when you open the page next time. You can also select whether you want the export file to be per provider