We introduced a video 'how it works' option for customers that you can enable per form.

Once they click the button, a video that you make will open up that they can watch.

In this video you can describe the entire booking process and even explain your entire site if you'd like.

You can enable this option per form and even put in a different video per each form and industry.

To add in your video and enable this option you can go to settings > industries > pick an industry > form settings > click on the pencil of the form you'd like to access and find this option:


Enable the option and enter the 'Embed URL".

You can upload the video to Youtube and grab the 'Embed URL' that looks like this:

You can copy the entire section and then delete everything out except from the highlighted part as you see in the screenshot above which will look something like this: 


You can find this 'Embed URL' by clicking 'SHARE' under the Youtube video: