The purpose of this article is to help you:

  • Know what provider pairing is
  • Set up provider pairing in your settings 

What is provider pairing? 

Provider pairing is allowing individual providers to be placed into temporary teams of 2 or 3 based on the settings you choose. If your business only uses individual providers but you send different providers to different jobs all the time then this is a great feature to use. For example, you can combine Adam and Jenny to a booking on Monday morning and then have Adam and Tony on a booking together Monday afternoon. 

Set Up Pairing

You will want to go to:

Settings > 

General > 

Store Options > 

Provider tab > 

Scheduling section >

"Would you like to enable provider pairing?" > 

Yes >

Scroll down and click the blue "Save" button.


Then for all your providers, you will have to go into their settings to make sure they are enabled to be paired. 

You will find this under

Providers > 

Providers (Again) > 

Click the provider's name > 

Settings tab > 

Forms tab > 

Under "Frequencies" you will see the question, "Can this individual be combined with other providers (pairs)?" > 

Select "Yes" > 

Scroll down and click the blue "Save" button.