Service categories are the services that you offer.

If you offer multiple services you or the customer will be able to browse through them all.

Based on the service they select, they will be shown the right variables, items, packages or even extras.

For example if your industry is ‘Office Cleaning’ then your services might be:

  • Storefront Cleanings
  • Warehouse Cleanings
  • Church Cleanings

Adding A Service Category

Click the green "Add New" button at the top of the Service Category page.

Note* If you only have one service category for your business it will not show up as an option to select on the booking form. If you have more then one that is when a drop-down menu will appear on your booking form to select different services. 

First you will name the service category. 

Then you can add a description if you would like. 

This description is only for you to see. If you would like a customer to see a description then you will need to place that under the next option which is "Show explanation icon on form" 

If you want to enable a pop-up when this service category is selected you may do so by clicking the radio button and entering in what you would like the pop-up to state. 


This option lets you choose where you want to display this service category. 

Customer Frontend is when a customer is NOT logged in
Customer Backend is when a customer is logged in
Admin is when only you will see it

Display Service Length On Customer End

This allows you to show the length of the service to the customer in the summary box on the booking form and in confirmation emails. 

Display Service Length On Provider End

This allows you to show the length of the service to the provider when they are logged in and checking the booking details. 

Can Customer Edit This Service?

This option allows customers to make minimal changes like add tip, parking, notes for the provider or admin. 


This option allows you to select which frequencies this service category will appear on.

Will you charge a service fee for this service category?

This option allows you to charge a service fee which can be changed under the locations settings. 

Expedited Charge (Same Day)

This option allows you to charge an additional fee for someone who wants to book a job for the same day. 

Cancellation Fee

This option allows you to charge a cancellation fee for someone who wants to cancel service. To set the cancellation timing you will have to go to Settings > General > Store Options > General Tab

Set Minimums

This option allows you to set minimums for customers booking a service. You can set it by putting in a minimum price that they must reach or a minimum time limit. If you are testing this option you will only get a pop-up stating that the minimum has not been reached when you try to save the booking. The reason being is that there are options on Step 2 of the booking form and those need to completed in order for the system to take everything into account and see if those minimums are then met. 

Override Provider Pay

This option allows you to override the providers pay right on that booking. For example, in the home cleaning industry businesses do re-cleans for customers who are unsatisfied within 24-48 hours. If the business is sending the same cleaner to re-clean the home they can override their pay by putting in $0 in this box and they will not get paid. 

Is it a hourly service?

This option allows the customer to select how many hours they want the provider to take on the service. This option and the "Set Minimums" option go great together!

Override pricing

This option allows you to override the pricing of the booking no matter what the total is. 


This option allows you which locations this service category works under. 

Can This Job Be Declined?

This option is only for "Accept Same Day Jobs" or "Accept All Jobs" under the Store Options section for scheduling. If this is set to "No" then the job will go to the providers account automatically and they have to take on that job. If this is set to "Yes" then a provider will have the option to decline the job if they do not want to take it. 

This is like the Uber or Lyft feature which allows drivers to choose which jobs they want to take. 



This option allows customers to leave a tip for the provider. If a customer leaves a tip then it goes 100% to the provider and the admin will not be able to take any of it. 


This option allows customers to reimburse providers who have to pay for parking when traveling to the customers home to provide service. This option is used a lot in major cities like Chicago, New York, Los Angeles where you have to pay for parking. 

When finished click the green "Save Category" button.