The purpose of this article is to help you understand:

  • What all the features under the "General" tab in your store options are


During your initial account set up, you will need to go through and set up the settings for your business.  This should be completed before you begin importing your customers, providers, and bookings as these are all impacted by your selections here.  To access this section, please go to: 

  • Store Settings
  • General
  • Store Options


Store Info

In this first section, you will need to confirm several pieces of information about your business in general.  


You can upload your business logo on the right side of this section. We recommend having a transparent background for the image so it can be better integrated into your site's design. This logo will be displayed on the customer end of your website, inside their accounts, inside your provider's accounts, inside your admin/staff accounts, and within all of your notifications.

You can also upload your logo by going to:

Settings > Design Forms & Website > Website Builder & Themes 

This will update in your general settings as well. To learn more about customizing your website and themes, please click here.

Business name:

Your business name is used to create your subdomain and your notification signatures. You can change your business name at anytime.  If you'd like to set up a custom domain, you can click here for more information. 

Store currency:

You can see your store's currency in this section; however, you cannot change your currency after your store has been created.  If you do need to change your currently, please email our support team so we can do it manually for you.

Support email:

Your support email is the email you used to sign up for BookingKoala. This email is used to login to your account and is also the email that is used for sending out email notifications.  You can change this email at anytime. You can also select a different email address to send out your notifications by going to:

  • Settings
  • Notifications
  • General

Click here to learn more about notifications or if you need help troubleshooting problems with your notifications.

Time zone:

Here you will enter the time zone in which you operate your business from. You can also change this at any time.

Date format and phone number format

Please enter the date format you'd like to use. You can change this at any time. This format will be seen by you and your customers.

Accepted forms of payment:

Here you can decide which type(s) of payments your customer can use when booking. You can allow them to book via credit/debit cards, cash/check, or both.  As an admin, you and your staff will always have the option to select either.

If you would like to collect payments via credit/debit cards, click here to learn more about payments and how to set up your payment processor. 

Types of forms

If you have a paid subscription, you have the option of offering two different types of forms: booking forms and lead forms.  The booking form allows a customer to receive instant quotes, check availability, and place a booking into your system automatically.  A lead form also collects specific information from your clients but submits it to your marketing section instead.  This type of form is typically used for custom requests or gathering general information. Click here to learn more about Booking Forms or here to learn about Lead Forms. 

Booking Spots

The next section in your general settings has to do with your smart scheduling capabilities and resources.

Travel time and non travel time breaks

BookingKoala can automatically build in break periods in between bookings, so you don't need to worry about appointments getting scheduled too close to each other.  You are able to customize two different types of break periods, depending on if your provider needs to travel in between appointments or if they will be in the same neighborhood.

The Travel Time Break will be applied between appointments that are located in different post codes or areas you set up under your locations.  Most merchants want to have longer break periods in this circumstance to account for the time it takes to travel from one area to another.

The Non Travel Time Break will be applied between appointments that are located within the same post code or area.  The system does not require you to set up a Non Travel Time Break, however it can be a helpful tool when trying to maximize the number of bookings per day.

Arrival ranges start/end time

Our software currently allows you to set up two different kinds of Booking Spots, "hard start" times, and arrival ranges.  If you use arrival ranges for your booking spots, you will need to let the system know how to internally track the beginning and end of the appointment.  The system needs this information for several reasons:

  1. Automatic notifications can be send to alert your customers, providers, and staff about reminders that are based on the start and completion times estimated in the system.
  2. The system need to be able to identify an appointment's end time estimate in order to build in a travel/non-travel break.
  3. Estimated appointment length prevents double booking and over booking.  

To help your smart scheduling function more accurately, you can designate the systems internal "start" time as occurring at the beginning, middle, or end of of the range.  If you had a 8 AM - 10 AM arrival range, each option would mean:

  1. At Start would be 8 AM
  2. Middle of the Range would be 9 AM
  3. End would be 10 AM

Calendar view options

You can set up your preferences for the calendar view when looking at your bookings in the system.  If you'd prefer not to use calendar view at all, you can disable it with the first option.  If you do want to utilize the calendar view, you can select your default view, and also the default time period for the calendar view.


Cancellation Settings

Cancellation Fees

You have an option of setting up a cancellation fee for when customers cancel without adequate notice.  Cancellation fees can be a set amount of a percentage of the job total depending on what makes most sense for your business.

There are two different options for when the cancellation fee will be processed:

  1. If the customer cancel after a specific time the day before the job
  2. If the job is canceled a certain number of hours before the start time.

You can also chose to exclude charging a cancellation fee for same day bookings.

Cancellation reasons and popups

When you, your staff, or your customer cancels an appointment, you can  ask them to select the reasons why they are cancelling.  This feature can be option or requiredYou can also decide if you'd like to use a comment box for additional feedback which can be option or required as well.  

We've created a list of default reasons that you are welcome to use.  Please click the orange Manage Reasons link to view and manage the list of cancellation reasons.

You can create new reasons by clicking the green Add New bottom at the bottom of the window, edit an existing reason with the pencil icon, or delete it all together with the trash icon

When editing or creating a new reason, you have the option of applying this to one time appointments, recurring appointments, or both. The reasons can also apply to different types of cancellations, such as when a customer cancels all future appointment or just one appointment. You can even exclude a cancellation fee depending on the type of reason the customer selects. For example, if the customer cancels due to poor service, you may not want to incite further issues by charging them a fee.

You also have the option of displaying your cancellation pop-up for some or all of your industries and services, so you can collect whatever information you require.

If you'd prefer to collect this information from just your staff and admin, you have that option; or, you can collect it from any and all cancellations.

Payment Settings

Automatic Charging

Another feature you can set up is automatic charging.  This is completely optional, but may come in handy and save time if you manage many different bookings per day.

Automatic charging can be enabled for some or all of your industries and services, so you can customize the types of jobs that are charged in this manner.  You also have several options for when the charges will be processed:

  1. Charges can be processed immediately, once the booking's total length has passed.  
  2. You can also charge a certain amount of hours after booking completion
  3. Charges can also be processed at the same time every day after the job was completed

Depending on the type of payment methods you offer your customers, you can enable automatic charging for customers who are paying with credit/debit cards, cash/check, or both.

Timezone settings

If your business operates in multiple time zones, you can enable our multiple time zones feature.  This will allow you to see the real time at your customer's location as well as the time in your own timezone.  You timezone is can be selected and changed at any time in the Store Info section under the General settings tab.

Chat settings

BookingKoala provides three additional communication features depending on your need.  The first is the Provider Chat, which allows staff and admin to chat with providers who are active in their account.  You can also utilize the Intercom Support Chat, which allows you to search our help center article or start a live conversation with a member of our support time.  The last option is to activate a feedback bot SalesHangry on your home page if you are utilizing the free BookingKoala website that comes with your account.  This bot will collect ratings, feedback, and allow customers to interact with each other. 

Once you are done setting up your Store Options, you can proceed to the next tab in your Store Options, called Customer Settings.