The purpose of this article is to help you: 

  • Find where the system logs are located
  • Learn what system logs are

What are system logs?

System logs track all actions made by admin, staff members, providers or even a customer.

It will show the date and time of the action made, what was done, and the IP address that the update was made from.

Under the action column there is an eye icon, when clicking this it will take you inside to see what exactly happened:

You can see what was previously there and what is there now after the action.

Depending on the action, the inside may look different.

If you ever need to see the history of what anyone did in the system, you can visit the ‘System Logs’ section:


How do I view the log of a specific booking?

If you want to see the full history of a specific booking, you can click on any booking that is in the system.

Then find the ‘View Booking Log’ button on the 2nd step of the form:

This will display a log each time someone made a modification or action for this specific booking.

If you click the ‘eye’ icon, it will give you more information.