How it works?

When you integrate Zapier with your BookingKoala account, the system executes Zapier triggers on different operations like add booking, cancellation, reschedule, etc, and performs the action on the connected app.

For e.g. : Zapier will add customer details on Mailchimp and sync date to Quickbooks when a new booking has been added in the system and charged.

We have integrated following triggers:

  1. New Booking
  2. Booking Updated
  3. Booking Cancelled
  4. Booking Completed
  5. Booking Charged
  6. New Customer
  7. Customer Updated
  8. New Quote
  9. New Rating


How to enable and integrate Zapier

  1. Go to Apps & Integration page under Settings->Apps & Integrations and click on Zapier.
  2. Enable Zapier and click on "Generate API Key", it will create a unique Zapier key which will be used to connect your Zapier account with your BookingKoala account.
  3. Once the API key is generated, click on the link as shown in the screenshot which will take you to the Zapier integration page:
  4. Integrate zaps as per your requirement and actions for third party apps:


List of details synced to Zapier with examples

id 1234
first_name John
last_name Doe
company_name Cleaning with Meaning
gender male
primary_phone_number 1234567890
address Chicago Avenue
zipcode/postal code 60601
city Minneapolis
state Minnesota
apt 25A
note This is a test note for the customer.
is_new 0/1
tags [Onetime, Recurring, Important]
id 1001
industry Home Cleaning
form Form 1
location_type Service Area/Merchant Location
location Chicago
zipcode/postal code 60601
service_category Flat Rate Service
is_service_hourly yes/no
service_hourly_value 120
frequency Every 4 weeks
occurrence onetime/recurring
frequency_repeat_slug every_4_weeks
created_on 1619674829
booking_date 2021-04-16
arrival_time 15:00:00
day Friday
tip $10.30
parking $5.00
bonus $7.00
provider_ids [3, 4]
provider_emails [,]
customer_id 544
customer_name John Doe
customer_first_name John
customer_last_name Doe
customer_phone 1234567890
tags [Onetime, Recurring, Important]
address Chicago Avenue
city Minneapolis
address_zipcode/postal code 60601
state Minnesota
apt 25A
key_info at_home/hidden
key_note This is the test note by customer for provider
key_with_provider true/false
alert_charge_now true/false
alert_charge_text alert! you are about to charge this booking
alert_reminder_admin true/false
admin_email_reminder_date 2021-04-16
admin_email_reminder_day_before 2
admin_email_reminder_hours_before 4
admin_email_reminder_message Test reminder message
coupon $20.00
gift_card $100.00
referral_discount $50.00
referral_amount $20.00
adjusted_price $150.50
adjusted_time 120
payment_method existing_credit_card
special_notes This is a test special note.
provider_note Please check all stuff correctly after cleaning.
booking_note Take extra care on this booking.
service_total $115.00
expedited_amount $50.00
frequency_discount_amount $10.00
discounted_total $155
booking_tax $12.30
service_fee $10.00
total $177.30
rating 4.5
review You did an awesome job!
review_date 1619674829
Cancelled Booking
All fields from booking trigger +  
canceled_bookings single/all
cancellation_reason Not at home