The purpose of this article is to help you understand how to: 

  • Add another form to your industry
  • Combine two or more forms together


Add a Form

When you sign up for your BookingKoala account, you select an industry that comes with a recommended booking form to set up your pricing scheme. If you would like to use a different form than the one that came with your industry, you can easily add another form type, or even create a combination of multiple forms to allow your customers to pick which type of pricing they want to book with.

For example, if you selected the "Home Cleaning" industry when you first signed up, your industry will come with form 1, which uses variables (like the total number of bedrooms and bathrooms) to come up with your customer's price. If you wanted to use form 4 instead, which uses a single variable category like square footage to calculate the rate, you can add form 4 to your industry.

To add a new form, you will go to:

Settings > Industries > [Industry Name] > Settings > Add/Combine Form 

Click on the blue "Add New Form" button.

You will be redirected to a "Select Form" page. Click on each Form Number to view an example of the form structure and a description of how that form's pricing structure works.

Once you've selected which form you'd like to add, click the blue "Next" button. You will be redirected to the "Form Settings" page.  

Go through each question to set up your settings for how the form will behave. Once you are done making your selections, click the blue "Save" button at the bottom right of the screen.  

A pop-up will appear, letting you know the form settings have been updated successfully.  From here, you can choose to go to the service category section to begin adding service categories, the form listing to see all forms that have been added, or click the red "X" icon to exit this pop-up and remain on the form settings page.



Combine Two or More Forms

You may want to combine two or more forms if you allow your customers to chose why type of pricing they have for their services. For example, a home cleaning business may let customers book flat-rate OR hourly services. To give customers an option for either/or, you can create a form combination.  

To combine two or more forms, you must first have added at least two forms to your industry. Then, go to:

Settings > Industries > [Industry Name] > Settings > Add/Combine Form 

Below is the "Combine 2 forms" tab, create a pre-qualifying question so customers can select which form they would like to use.  

Below the box for "Option 1", type in a label for the form type and then select which form number should be opened when the customer selects this answer.  

Repeat this process for "Option 2", selecting the other form you want to use.  

If you would like to combine more than 2 forms, click the light blue "Add Option" button to add additional options for your other forms.  

Once you are finished, click the blue "Save" button.  You have successfully combined two or more of your forms into one.