In this article you will learn:

  • How to add a new blog post


How to Add a New Blog Post

First, you must access the Blog section from the main menu by going to:

Marketing > Blog 

Once you are on the main Blog dashboard, there are two different places you can click to add a new blog post.  The first is by using the left-side menu to select Blog and then Add Blog Post, and the second is to click the blue "Add Blog Post" button on the Blog Posts page.  

If you have translated your blog posts into multiple languages, a pop-up will confirm which language you want the new post to be in.  After selecting a language, click the "Create" button.  

You will be redirected to an "Add new blog post" page.  Here, you can construct the blog post and the search engine preview listing.  

  1. First, create a title for the blog post.
  2. Next, select an author for the post.  The authors can be managed under the Authors section of the menu.  
  3. The publish date can be left as today's date or set to a date in the past.
  4. The featured image will be displayed at the top of the post beneath the title. 
  5. The excerpt will be displayed on your main blog page as part of a preview of the post. 
  6. The banner image will be displayed along the top of the blog post.
  7. The page title of the search engine listing preview can be the same as your blog title or you can use something different.
  8. The blog URL will also be based on your page title, although it can be changed if desired.
  9. The meta description will be the description listed below the title and URL in search results.
  10. For "Should this post be indexed in the search engines", you can select "Yes" or "No" depending on your preference.
  11. The blog categories can be checked according to the type of post you are making. 

  12. The Facebook share image will be the image shown when the blog post is shared on Facebook.  
  13. The Google preview shows what the blog post will look like as a search result on Google.

  14. At the very bottom of the page, the Settings for the post have several different options:
    • Allow comments - When checked, visitors are allowed to leave comments on this blog post.  
    • Allow to show on blog - When checked, this blog post will be visible in the Blog section of your website.
    • Allow to show on category page - When checked, this blog post will be visible under the selected category page of your blog.  
    • Allow to show under author's page - When checked, this blog post will be visible under the author's page of your blog.  


At the very bottom of the page, you can click the orange "Draft" button to save the post as a draft, or you can click the blue "Save" button to publish the post.