The purpose of this article is to help you: 

  • Update the default wage for a provider or team
  • Change a provider's wages for a booking


Updating a Provider/Team's Default Wage

You can update the wage of any individual provider or team if you do not want to use the default age set up in the Provider Store Options section.

To begin, go to the provider/teams' dashboard and click on the "Settings", then "Forms". 

Click on the Industry Name and Form Number you'd like to update, then use the boxes below where it says "Wages" to change the pay rate for this form and industry.   Just like with the default provider wage, payments can be set as Fixed, Percentage, or Hourly.  

If you would like to update the provider's wages for all forms and industries in one step, you can use the Quick Add option.  

Click the light blue "Quick Add" button to open the tool and check the box next to "Wages".  Enter the payment amount and select the payment type from the drop-down menu. Click the blue "Save" button at the bottom of the pop-up window to apply the changes.


Updating Provider Payments Per Booking

If you would like to change a provider's wage for a specific appointment, you can edit it directly inside the booking form.  Click the pencil icon or "edit" to open the booking and scroll down to the "Assigned To" section.  

Click on the blue Reschedule button.  The provider's wage will be located to the left of the provider's picture and general information.

Enter the new payment amount into the box below "Wage" and select the payment type:

  • "$" for a fixed-rate payment
  • "%" for a percentage-based payment
  • "/Hr" for an hourly wage

For recurring bookings, be sure to check if you are saving the wage for "just this booking" or "all future appointments" depending on whether you want to update one or all bookings.  

Finally, click the blue "Update Booking" button from the right-side menu to update the provider's wages.  The provider's default wage will remain the same, with only this booking containing the new rate.