The purpose of this article is to help you understand: 

  • How to set up reimbursements for employees


Keep in mind:

  • If you change a reimbursement amount from the 'Store Options' after a provider was added, only new providers that are added into the system after the change was made will see the new change.
  • In order to change the amount to an existing provider you will have to go under their profile and make the change, then save the change which will be reflected on all bookings that have not yet been charged for that provider. Bookings that a reimbursement was modified for individually will also not reflect the new change when changes to the amount were made inside the profile.
  • If you try to delete a reimbursement from the 'Store Options' you will have to go back to any existing providers profile, hard refresh the screen (or log out and log back in), then save the new changes under their profile so they are reflected for all bookings that have not yet been charged:

This will delete the reimbursement from all appointments that haven not yet been charged including ones you modified individually unlike when changing the amount. 

It will also delete the reimbursements from the reports.