The purpose of this article is to help you: 

  • Set up provider/team schedules
  • Set up provider/team settings 


How to set up working hours for a provider or a team?

Just to note: whenever you add a new provider or team to your account they are automatically given a schedule of 8 am to 6 pm Sunday through Saturday. (The test provider and team that are in the system when you sign up are from 8 am to 8 pm but those are just for show). 

To set your providers schedule you will need to go from your dashboard to Providers > Providers (again) > Find the providers name and click on it > Schedule tab at the top of the page > If you want to redo a providers schedule the best course of action would be to clear the schedule first by clicking the red "Clear Schedule" button at the top of the page > Next you will want to click the green "Quick Add" button also at the top of the page > A pop-up will appear asking you what is the start and finish time, the timeframe you want it running, what days of the week do you want them to be assigned to, the frequency of it, and which locations do you want it to be for > Then to finish click the green "Add" button.

To know what the difference is for the timeframes; 

Whole: is setting this schedule up to repeat indefinitely without it coming to an end. Our smart scheduling goes 6 months in the future and once a week has passed then a new week is add to the end of that 6 months so it can keep recurring. 

Date Range: is setting the schedule to be only for a specific timeframe. Let's say your provider has a different schedule every month you can set it for the current month and it will end on the last day you selected. You will have to re-input a new schedule when that date passes. Setting a providers schedule this way will limit them to one time bookings as recurring bookings are programmed to go indefinitely over the course of the 6 months. So if you are having trouble with a provider not being able to be booked for a recurring service this may be your issue. 


How to determine which industries, services, and locations will your provider or team perform?

If you have different services, industries, or locations for your business and not all of your providers work every single one then you can set their preferences for where they will work. 

To do so go to Providers > Providers (again) > Find the providers name and click on it > Profile Tab > Settings Tab > Industry Tab > Then scroll down and underneath where you input the Providers wage you can check or uncheck these settings.

How are bookings assigned to a team vs an individual or a pair?


To change a providers or teams priority go to the providers listing page and click 'Set Priority':

Then re-order them by dragging their name across the listing page and placing them at the spot desired.

Then on the bottom you would click on ‘Update Priority’ to save it: