The purpose of this article is to help you: 

  • Set up your provider payment gateway 
  • Know how to pay your providers 


How do I connect provider pay accounts?

Providers can collect their payments through either Stripe or PayPal. 

*Note* If you select one then you cannot use the other. 

To learn how to connect a provider Stripe account click here.

To learn how to connect a provider PayPal account click here.

How do I set up reimbursements for providers?

You will have to go to Settings > 

General > 

Store Options >

Provider Tab > 

Now you will select if you have Independent Contractors (1099) or Employees (W-2) > 

Next you will click on the green "Add Variable" button >

A pop-up will appear with whatever option you just selected pre-filled, the "Variable Name" is what you want to call the reimbursement. 

So if you reimburse for supplies then you will want to call it "Supplies

Next you will choose where this applies to, whether it is for "Merchant Location" or "Service Area". 

Lastly, you will enter in how much you will be giving back in the "Price" section. 

Click the green "Save" button once finished.

How do I set up a standard wage for all providers?

Underneath the reimbursement section you will find "Default Pay" here you will be able to put in the amount that you want to pay your providers. 

You can choose between: 

A Fixed Rate
Percentage Based

Once you have selected the correct category and input the amount you will scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the green "Save" button. 

How do I resume a paused payment?

To resume a paused payment you will go to Providers > 

Payments > 

Scroll down to the section called "Paused Payments" and there are two ways to do so. 

First, you can go to the far right column called "Resume" and click the green "Resume" button next to the payment you would like to resume. 

Second, if you have multiple payments you want to resume then go to the left hand side and find the small box on the left side of the "Name" column and click it. 

This will grab all the paused payments and now you will click on the big green "Resume Selected" button.

How do I undo a payment to a provider? 

There is no feature through BookingKoala that allows you to undo a payment once it is already sent out.

If you are using Stripe, then you will have to go into Stripe and stop the transaction before it reaches the other account. 

Same applies for Square and PayPal.

Typically you have a few hours to do this after payment is sent out.