The purpose of this article is to:

  • Define frequencies and why you need them
  • Provide steps to add your own frequencies to your booking form.

What Are Frequencies?

When you are setting up your booking form, you will need to add at least one frequency.  Frequencies tell the system how often something occurs and automatically checks your availability so you can schedule without worrying about overlapping appointments. If you conduct recurring services in your business,  you can set up as many different frequencies as you desire

If your business does not offer recurring services, that is okay! The only frequency you will need to add with be the "one time" frequency.  This means that every booking corresponds with one appointment.  If you only offer one frequency, your customer's will not see the frequency drop-down option on your booking page.

Based on those frequencies, the software will be able to automatically schedule all future recurring services and hold that space indefinitely for your customer.

How To Add a New Frequency

To begin adding your frequencies, you will need to go to:

  • Settings
  • Industries
  • [Industry Name]
  • [Form Number]
  • 2. Frequencies

Once you click on the tab, a page will open that shows you any existing frequencies in your form, and also an Add New button to create a new option. On this page, you can also update the priority order, click the pencil icon to edit, the copy icon to duplicate an existing frequency, and a trash icon to delete it.  

After you click the Add New button, you can select whether you’d like to add a brand new frequency, or import a frequency that you’ve created previously by clicking Add Existing.

If you are creating a new frequency all together, you will need to select your preferences by selecting the Add New option. This will launch a list of questions to set your frequency’s settings.

First, you will need to enter in a Name, and optionally, the name customers will see if this frequency name is Different On Customer End.   

You can also include a Description for your point of reference, as well as create an explanation for your customers by selecting Show Explanation Icon On Form.  

Like many other settings in your store, you can decide which ends you’d like this frequency to Display On: admin only, the customer backend and the admin, or the customer frontend, backend, and admin.

Most importantly, you need to set the Occurrence Time, or how often the system will book appointments when this frequency is used.  For single bookings, you would select One Time. If you want to set up an automatic, repeating series of bookings, you would select Recurring.

Our system currently offers a wide variety of recurring frequencies, from daily to biannually. If you don’t see the frequency you are looking for, you can reach out to Support and see if it can be created for you.  After selecting your occurrence rate, you can set up a frequency discount settings.  

The discount can be applied to all bookings in a series, or apply to all bookings after the initial appointment.  You can also enable an option to charge a customer their one-time price if they cancel after having only one appointment.

Other settings include: selecting the locations that offer this frequency, enabling a pop-up on the selection to share additional information about this option, and setting the discount amount. 

Your frequency discount can be a flat amount, like $10 off, or percentage-based, like 15% off.  This amount will be removed from the one-time price you have set in the system.  

You can select a default frequency if there is a frequency that is popular amongst your customer base, and you can enable or disable the frequency all together depending on if you are ready to launch it or not.  Of course, always remember to click the green Save button to add the frequency to your booking form.  

How To Edit an Existing Frequency

If you ever need to make any changes to your frequencies, all you need to do is click on the pencil icon to edit the details.  Below you will see an example of a frequency that has been previously generated.

The only selection that cannot be edited is the occurrence time.  If you’d like to use a different occurrence rate, you will need to add a new frequency for each new occurrence rate you create. 

Once you’ve finished adding your frequencies to your booking form, you are ready to proceed to the third section: Service Category.