What is BookingKoala?

BookingKoala is a software designed to launch your service business in 60 seconds. You come to BookingKoala, pick a theme, pick your industry and a website powered by our powerful features will be set up for you in seconds.


Who is BookingKoala for?

New and upcoming entrepreneurs looking to start a service business AND existing service businesses that are looking to use our powerful features to help them grow.


What industries can use BookingKoala?

Please click here to explore all the different types of businesses you can start using BookingKoala. Of course, these are examples, and there are many other businesses you can create. The important part is getting creative and figuring out how to use our software to build out your business idea. To get help from other entrepreneurs, you can also join our Facebook group.


Can I use BookingKoala outside of the US? 

Yes, our software operates worldwide.


Can I use my own website?

Yes, if you don't want to build a website on BookingKoala, you can use your already existing website and embed our forms on your already existing site.


Can I use custom domains?

Yes, if you want to get rid of the 'Bookingkoala' from your www.abc.bookingkoala.com domain we make for you, then you can change that in the settings so that your domain can be www.abc.com instead.


Where can I access my data from?

Your customers, providers, office employees, and yourself can access your data from anywhere in the world on any device. Your data is securely stored inside a cloud.


How easy is it to get started?

You can get started in less than 60 seconds. Sign up for a free 14-day trial and a website with all forms will be made for you instantly.