The purpose of this article is to help you: 

  • Find and add where to enter in multiple addresses 
  • Find and add where to enter in multiple credit/debit cards


What is the purpose of multiple addresses?

You can import multiple addresses under a customers profile to quickly switch addresses during a booking.

Here you would save all of your addresses:

Later during booking, the ones that are saved for a specific location would show up under ‘existing addresses’ and you can select the one you are booking for.

For example; if you provide service in 3 locations (NYC, Chicago and LA), then someone might have 3 locations under each.

Then if they are booking for NYC, the system will show the 3 NYC locations so that you can quickly select the one you want.

What is the purpose of multiple cards?

If you have multiple locations and you have multiple Stripe or Square accounts set up you will see that you can add a card per each location.

The reason being is because each card needs to be stored under each of the Stripe or Square accounts.

If someone books for Chicago, and the card is stored in the Stripe or Square account made for the Chicago city, it cannot be used for the New York location which has a different Stripe or Square account associated with it.

In that case the card would need to be added twice and later when someone is booking for Chicago or NY an existing card will be shown during the booking for each of the cities.