The purpose of this article is to help you: 

  • Learn about the errors when making a change
  • Make the proper changes so you can move forward with changes. 


Whenever making changes to your provider or teams, occasionally you may see this message:

This means that either there are active bookings that have not yet been charged, payment for the provider has not been yet sent out with active bookings or there are pending invites.

For example if you are trying to remove a zip code that is associated with a booking that is assigned to that provider, it will not let you remove the zip code until that booking is moved to someone else, cancelled or is completed AND charged.

If there are pending jobs awaiting for the provider to accept/decline the job, it again cannot be removed until that invite is either declined or is moved to another provider.

The above image shows how that would look like.

NOTE: this ONLY applies when using these 2 scheduling options:

When using the “Accepted Automatically’ scheduling option the pending feature will never be possible since all jobs are automatically accepted.

If none of the 3 instances are present, at that time you would be able to make the changes without the error message.