The purpose of this article is to help you: 

  • Learn what the pending payments/active booking pop-ups mean
  • Make the proper updates so you can move forward with your changes


Pending Payments & Active Bookings Messages

Whenever you are making changes to a provider/teams' settings or if you are deactivating their account, you may have noticed one or more of the following pop-up messages:

The "Active Bookings" pop-up will be displayed if you are trying to remove a parameter from a provider's form or industry settings but that provider still has bookings assigned to them containing the parameter.

For example, let's say you are removing a location from a provider's settings section

After unchecking the setting and clicking the "Save" button, the "Active Bookings" pop-up will display if the provider has any pending or upcoming bookings at that location.  

To proceed with making the update, select one of the following options:

  • "Apply Changes and mark bookings as unassigned" will move any bookings impacted by the setting update off the provider's schedule and into the unassigned folder.
  • "Apply changes, keep assigned with the provider, and mark booking with 'NA' tag" will leave the affected bookings on the provider's schedule but will add an "NA" tag to indicate that they are not normally available for this service.

Similarly, you will see an "Active Bookings" pop-up if you are trying to deactivate a provider if they still have jobs assigned to them.

If you are certain you are ready to deactivate the provider or team, click the blue "Unassign the bookings and deactivate the provider/team" button.   This action will move any upcoming bookings on the provider's schedule to the Unassigned Folder and complete the account deactivation.  

Another message that may appear when you try to deactivate a provider's account is the "Pending Payments" pop-up.  

This pop-up will display if there are any outstanding payments still due for that provider. A provider cannot be deactivated or deleted until all pending payments have been resolved.

If you are ready to proceed with deactivating the account, you can click the blue "Pay" button to pay the provider via your payment processor, or you can click the green "Check/Cash" to indicate if the provider has already been paid out in another way.  

Once all outstanding payments have been marked as paid, you will now be able to finish deactivating the provider's account.