The purpose of this article is to explain:

  • Why you would override the customer’s price and job length
  • How to apply an adjustment
  • How an adjustment impacts scheduling and payment


Why you may want to make an adjustment

In your Booking Form, the system takes your automatic pricing and time-estimation information so you do not have to worry about manually entering it in for every booking.  However, there may be situations where you need to override a customers price or adjust the job length estimation. 

For example, you may have long-time clients that you honor special rates for.  Or, you may learn that a worker is able to complete their regular job in less time than you initially estimated. 


How to adjust booking price and job length

To make this sort of adjustment, you will need to go to page 1 of your booking form, either by creating a new booking or using the edit pencil icon to open an existing booking.  

Once you are on Page 1 of the booking form, scroll to the very bottom of the page.  Just before the green Go To Step 2 button, you will see the Price Adjustment section. 


If you would like to override the automatic pricing for this job, you would click the checkbox next to the question, “Do you want to adjust price?”  Then, you just need to enter whatever price you would like to charge for this service.

Below this option, there is another checkbox for, “Do you want to adjust time?” By checking this box, you can override the system’s time estimate for a booking.  Please note that you can adjust time for all pricing models EXCEPT for hourly pricing, as the system already knows the number of hours selected for that particular job. 

Once you have entered your adjustments, you can click the Go To Step 2 button and proceed to the next step and Save these changes. 


Areas impacted by adjusting price or time

If you would like to adjust the price or job length of a booking, it is important to understand which factors are impacted so you able to use this option without issue.


Provider Selection and Availability

Whenever you make time length changes on page one of the booking form, the system will have you reconfirm availability of the scheduled provider(s). This principle applies to any time length adjustments applied to a booking.  In some circumstances, a provider may become available or unavailable depending on the length of your booking.  

If the same provider is still available you can just enter the desired date and time and then Save the changes. 

Service Total

When a price adjustment is applied to a booking, it will override the automatically generated quote that was calculated by your booking form.   The price adjustment overrides the service total as well as any discounts that have been applied by frequencies and coupon codes.

Here you can see a payment summary for a standard booking and a booking that has an adjusted amount. 


Provider service payment and bonuses

Regardless of whether you have adjusted a customer’s price or not, the provider’s service-based payment will always be based on the system’s automatic quote and their default wage.  This is to ensure that any special deals you may offer your customer does not impact their standard pay.  

Any bonuses you have added for a provider will not be impacted by an adjustment as well.  

If you would like to modify a provider’s pay after making a price adjustment, you can simply modify their payment amount on page 2 of the booking form. 


Customer tips and parking

Price adjustment will not impact flat fee tips (or parking payments, if applicable). However, it will impact percentage-based tips as these are taken from the customer’s final service price as soon below.