The purpose of this article is to help you: 

  • Locate these tags in the system.
  • Understand what each of these tags mean. 


New customer tag:

The 'new' tag lets you know that this is a new customer that never completed a booking with you before.

NA (Not available) tag:

The 'NA' tag lets you know that this provider or team is not available for that date/time but they either took the job from the unassigned folder or someone assigned the booking to them.

Team and pair tags:

The 'team' and 'pair' tags indicate if a team or pair is going to the booking. If you hover over the 'pair' tag you can see who is assigned to that booking. The blue 'team' tag shows you how many individuals are inside that team.

SA (Service area) versus ML (Merchant location) tags:

The 'SA' (service area) tag means that the job is at someones location while the 'ML' (merchant location) tag lets you know that the appointment is at the merchants location.

Pending tag:

This 'Pending' tag will let you know that the job has not yet been charged.

Confirmed and plus '+' sign tags:

The green 'confirmed' tag lets you know that the booking is ready for charging because it is not an hourly service and the hours are confirmed. The red plus sign tag means that the hours were not yet confirmed and you should contact the provider to make sure the hours match so you can charge the customer accordingly.