The purpose of this article is to help you:

  • Set up provider reimbursements
  • Enable teams
  • Set a default wage for your providers
  • Enable or disable the Help Center link for providers
  • Enable the "My Drive" feature for providers
  • Enable the "Speed tag" feature for providers
  • Determine how providers will be paid out of discounted services
  • Allow providers to edit their profile
  • Allow providers to reset their password
  • Activate the "Digital Signature" feature
  • Activate the "Provider Feedback" feature
  • Set up the "Late Arrival" message
  • Allow providers to take notes in the booking
  • Display or hide the customer's payment method from the provider
  • Display or hide the booking total from the provider
  • Display or hide certain provider payments from the provider


Booking Settings

To set up the "Bookings" section under your Provider Store Options go to:

Settings > General > Store Options > Provider

Click the plus sign icon to expand the "Bookings" section.



If your business provides reimbursements for business-related expenses like gas, mileage, or supplies, you can set those up to be automatically calculated into your provider's payment.  Reimbursements tend to be for businesses who work with employees; however, you have the option to create reimbursements for contractors as well.

Below where it says "Reimbursements", select Contractors  (1099 in the US) or Employees (W-2 in the US) depending on which your business works with.

Next, click the blue "Add Variable" to set up reimbursements for this type of worker. For the "Variable Name", type in the type of reimbursement being processed. 

Then, select which location this reimbursement is for. 

  • If you select "Merchant Location", the reimbursement will be added whenever a provider has a job at a merchant location (such as storefront, office, etc.).
  • If you select "Service Area", the reimbursement will be added whenever a provider has a job scheduled in a service area (traveling to the customer's location).

Finally, enter the price in the box at the bottom.

In this example, the reimbursement for "gas" will add $20 to the provider's payment whenever they are scheduled for a booking in a service area.  

Click the blue "Save" button to add the reimbursement to the system.  

Once saved, your reimbursements will show up under the Contractor and/or Employee tabs below.  

For a more detailed guide on how to set up and edit provider reimbursements, click here.  


Do you allow team members to work individually or with other teams? 

  •  Select "Yes" to allow providers added to a team to also be scheduled as individual providers. This means that when the system checks availability, it will check individual availability as well as the teams. Customers can be scheduled with one member of a team or both members depending on their availability.
  • Select "No" to disable this feature. Providers added to a team will always work with the same members and cannot be scheduled as an individual.  


What would you like to set the default pay for all your providers? 

To set a default pay rate for all of your providers, enter the payment amount into the first box, and select a payment type from the second box. The options are:

  • Fixed - Providers will receive one payment of the default amount per job.
    • For example: If you type in "50" and select "fixed", providers will be paid $50 per job regardless of any other job details. Whether a job costs the customer $50 or $500, the provider will always receive $50 as payment.  

  • Percentage - The provider will receive a percentage of the job total as payment.
    • For example: If you enter "50" and select "percentage", providers will be paid 50% of the total payment. If the customer's total is $200, the provider would receive $100 as payment.

  • Hourly - The provider will receive payment based on the length of the booking.
    • For example: If you type in "30" and select "hourly", the provider will be paid $30 per hour. If a job's length was 3 hours, the provider will receive $90 in payment. 


Would you like each provider to have a "My Drive" option to share their documents? 

  • Select "Yes" to enable a "My Drive" section in your providers' dashboards. This will allow you and your staff to upload files directly into their account.  
  • Select "No" to disable the "My Drive" feature for providers.


Would you like to allow your providers to upload files?

If you selected "Yes" for the previous question, decide if you would like to allow providers to upload files into the My Drive section.

  • Select "Yes" to allow them to upload files.
  • Select "No" to only allow staff and admin to upload files into their My Drive.  


Would you like to enable the speed tag on your providers' profiles?

  • Select "Yes" to enable the speed tag feature on your provider's profiles. This allows you and staff members to keep track of how fast a provider performs a service.
    • By default, the speed tag for all newly added providers will be "New".
    • The other speed tag options are "Slow", "Medium", and "Fast".

    • The speed tag can be selected by going to a provider's dashboard and clicking on the Profile tab.

    • This tag will not be seen by customers and does not affect the total length of time as calculated by the booking form parameters.
  • Select "No" to disable the speed tag for providers.  


Would you like to disable the help center tab in the provider’s dashboard? 

  • If you select "Yes", your providers will NOT see a "Help Center" tab in their dashboard. 
  • If you select "No", the help center tab will be added to the provider dashboard.

    • When a provider clicks the Help Center tab, they will be redirected to the Bookingkoala Help Center.


Would you like the system to calculate the provider's pay based on the original or the adjusted total on your bookings?

This question relates to the price adjustment feature inside the booking form.  

  • Select "Original Amount" to pay the provider our of the final service total as determined by the booking form's pricing parameters.  

  • Select "Adjustment Amount" to pay providers out of whatever amount you enter in the price/time adjustment section.  


Would you like to apply the discount for service providers even if the provider payments are set to either flat rate or hourly?

This question pertains to hourly and flat-rate provider payments.  When a customer has a discount on their service (such as a frequency discount for recurring customers), decide if that discount will impact the provider's payment or not. If your provider's payments are percentage-based, the discount will always impact the provider's payment.  

  • Select "Yes" to apply the customer's discount to the provider's payment. 
    • For example, let's say a customer receives a 10% discount for having monthly services. The one-time rate for the service is normally $200, so their final total is $180 per booking. If a provider normally earns a flat fee of $150 per job, they will take home $135 for each monthly job.  This is because they earn 10% less as the customer receives a 10% discount.
  • Select "No" so the provider's payments are unaffected by any discounts the customer has applied to their booking.  

Please note: If you make changes to this setting after you have already created recurring services, all existing bookings will be affected by this update. 

  • If you hover over the bookings price, you will see the original payment amount set up before the update occurred. 
  • Once you open the booking form, the new payment amount will be displayed.  To save the new payment amount into a booking, you must reschedule or update the booking.  


Would you like to allow your providers the ability to edit their profiles?

  • Select "Yes" to allow providers to change their profile picture, name, email address, phone number, and personal address.
  • Select "No" so providers can only view their profile information but cannot make edits on their own.


Would you like to allow your providers the ability to reset their passwords?

  • Select "Yes" to allow providers to use a "Reset Password" link on the login page to reset their password.  
  • Select "No" to disable the "Reset Password" process for providers. Providers must contact the admin who can change their password under the provider's Profile section of their dashboard. 


Would you like to activate the digital signature feature?

This setting allows you to enable the digital signature feature for your providers. 

This option allows a customer to sign their name in the provider's app once the job has been completed. This is an especially useful tool to reduce the number of disputed charges for your business.

If you select "Yes" for this question, decide if you'd like to add an explanation for the digital signature.

Select "Yes" and enter the message into the text box.


Would you like providers to leave feedback on behalf of the customer?

This feature allows providers to rate and share feedback on behalf of the customer through the provider app.

  • Select "Yes" to allow providers to add customer ratings and comments in a feedback pop-up in their account.
  • Select "No" to disable this feedback and rating feature.

If you answered "Yes" to the previous question, decide if you'd like to include an explanation for your request for feedback.  

Select "Yes" and enter the message into the text box.


Would you like to enable the "late arrival" message?

This option allows you to set a custom "late arrival" message to your customers directly from the BookingKoala dashboard.  

Admin can send out the message by clicking the "send message" icon to the left of any booking listed in the system.

  • Select "Admin only" to only allow admin and staff members to use this option to notify clients.
  • Select "Both (admin & provider)" to allow providers to use this feature as well.  

Enter the message into the box below. Use the "View Short Codes" button to add dynamic shortcodes to the message. These will populate with the customer's details when the message is sent.

You can edit the label of the button underneath "Name of message button".  


Would you like to allow your providers to add notes on their bookings?

  • Select "Yes" to allow providers to add and save notes into a booking.  
  • Select "No" to disable this feature.  


Do you want to show the payment method to the provider(s)?

  • Select "Yes" to show what type of payment method the customer is using to the provider.
    • If you selected "Yes", decide whether you would like to show the payment method to the providers for cash/check payments or both cash/check and debit/credit payments.
  • Select "No" to hide the customer's payment method from the provider. 


Do you want to show the booking price to the provider(s)?

  • Select "Yes" to show your provider's customer's booking total.
    • If you selected "Yes", decide whether you would like to show the booking price to the providers if the customer is making a cash/check payment or both cash/check and debit/credit payments.
  • Select "No" to always hide the customer's booking price from the provider.  


Would you like to hide the provider's payment(s) from your provider(s)?

  • Select "Yes" to control which types of payments your providers can see. 
    • Check the boxes next to the following options to hide that type of provider payment.

  • Select "No (show all)" to show providers their payment amount for each booking.


Remember to Save!

If you have made any changes, remember to click the blue "Save" button at the bottom left corner of the page to update your settings.