The purpose of this article is to help you understand: 

  • How to charge an active invoice
  • How to change the payment status of an active invoice


Getting Started

To begin, go to the Invoice Dashboard under:

Bookings > Booking Charges > Invoices tab.


Charge an Invoice

Once an invoice is due, it is possible to collect payment by charging a custom invoice manually.  

Go to the Active Invoice tab, scroll down to the custom invoice, and click the Charge option beneath the Actions column.

A menu will appear on the right side of the page.

If the invoice is a custom invoice, there is an option for Do you want to pay the provider? If you select Yes, you can search for the providers and enter their portion of the payment.

Below, the Payment Information section will display options for the billing address as well as any cards on file.  There is also the option to add a new card on file for the payment.

Near the bottom of the menu, there is an option to exclude the customer notification that their card has been charged.

Finally, once a card has been selected or a new card has been entered, click the blue Charge button to charge the customer's invoice.

A green system alert will appear at the top right corner of the page, confirming the charge has been collected.  The status of the invoice will be updated to Paid.


Change an Custom Invoice's Payment Status

One can also change a custom invoice's payment status using the manual Change Status option. 

To access this, go to the Active or Overdue invoice tab, click the down arrow icon beneath the actions column, and select Change Status.  

A popup will appear with three different options for updating the payment status.

  • Paid - The payment has been collected outside of BookingKoala.  The invoice status will be updated to Paid with a Cash/Check tag added beneath the amount.

  • Void - The invoice was created my mistake or was accidentally finalized so no payment has been collected. 

  • Uncollectible - Payment for this invoice is not expected; however, it is still possible to collect payment should your customer attempt to make payment.  The invoice status will be updated to Uncollectible. 

You can also choose to leave an internal note viewable to the admin and staff only that describes why a particular payment status was selected.

Finally, click the blue Update button to finalize the payment status.  A green system alert will appear in the top right corner confirming the status has been updated successfully.