The purpose of this article is to help you understand: 

  • How to filter active and draft invoices
  • Where to view active, draft, and overdue invoices
  • How to add tags to invoices
  • How to export invoices


The Invoice Dashboard

To view all invoices in the system, go to:

Bookings > Booking Charges > Invoices tab


Invoice Filters

The dashboard contains several different filters that you can use to locate invoices for your customers.

Click on the Type filter to view All invoices, One-time invoices, or Recurring invoices.

Click on the Card Status filter to view All invoices, invoices with a Card on File, or invoices with No Card on File

Click on the Pay Status filter to filter invoices based on the following statuses: AllPartial Paid (for invoices with partial/advance payment enabled), UnpaidVoid, and Uncollectible.  

Click here to learn how to charge or manually change a customs invoice's payment status.  

Use the Select Date filter to search for invoices based on the date they were created.

Invoices can also be located by searching the invoice number, customer email address, customer name, or customer phone number


Invoice Status

In addition to the invoice filters, there are also tabs to sort invoices based on their status.

  • Active - Invoices that have been approved will be displayed
  • Draft - Invoices that have not been approved will be displayed. 
    • Click here to learn how to approve and send an invoice.  
  • Overdue - Invoices past the due date will be displayed.
  • All - All invoices regardless of status will be displayed.


Invoice Tags

In addition to invoice filters and status, you can also add your own custom tags to active invoices. Tags are only visible to admin and staff accounts. To add a tag, first, be sure you are on the Active Invoice tab.

Next, click the down arrow button below the Actions column and select Add Tag.  Enter the name of the tag into the first field, and then click the blue Add button.

If you create multiple tags, you can use the Display Order field to decide which order the tags will be displayed in.

Once a tag has been saved, it can be selected from the Existing Tag option when tagging new invoices. 


Export Invoices

The dashboard allows you to export invoices based on filters, status, and tags.  To export your invoices, click the grey Export button on the far right side of the menu.

A side menu will appear, displaying options for filtering the invoices for the export file.

These include Status (All, Overdue, Draft, Active), Pay Status (Paid, Partial Paid, Unpaid, Void, Uncollectible), Date created, and Invoice Tags.

Below, select which fields should be included in the export data.

Finally, click the blue Export button to download the export file.

A green system alert will appear in the top right corner of the screen confirming the invoices have been exported successfully, and the file will be downloaded to your device.