There are several reasons where you'd use this option.

  • Reason 1: If you've emptied out all of your lists and you wish to re-upload all of your contacts within BookingKoala.
  • Reason 2: If you've upgraded to the Premium plan, your current contacts won't be pushed to your lists. Only contacts going forward will start to go into proper lists. To upload your contacts that were there prior to the upgrade, use this feature.
  • Reason 3: If you used BookingKoala before the release of the campaigns feature, you'll need to push your existing contacts through this option. We will not upload your contacts automatically. If you do not push your existing contacts via this option, only future contacts collected will be added to their proper lists.


What contacts will be pushed via this option?


  • All customers will be pushed inside the 'All customers' list.
  • All providers will be pushed inside the 'All providers' list.
  • All staff members will be pushed inside the 'All staff members' list.
  • All abandoned carts will be added to the list that you have connected.
  • All one-time or recurring clients will be connected to the list that you have connected.

After the import, you can always mass delete the contacts or lists. For example, if you don't want to use the 'Providers' list, you can delete the imported emails and phone numbers and disable contacts from being collected in that list.