The purpose of this article is to help you understand: 

  • How to set up same day scheduling
  • When to use it


Admin/staff can always book for same day appointment or even book for 30 days back in the past.

If you want to allow customers to book for same day appointments you will have to go to your ‘Store Options’.

Under the ‘Customers’ tab you will find the section that is displayed in the photo below:

Turn the first option to ‘Yes’ if you want them to schedule same day bookings.

The next question allows you to put a limit of how much in advance can they book for same day.

For example if you put ‘Yes’ and enter 2 hours then if they are booking at 2pm then they will not see any openings before 4pm.

This ensures some time for the provider or team to get ready.

If you put ‘No’ then the customer can book for any available appointment that is in the system even one that is starting a minute later.

Those who are rescheduling will also be able to push the appointment later in the day depending on the above options.

For example if I set a limit of 1 hour above and a customer logs in at 2pm, and is looking to move their 2:30pm appointment to 3pm they can do so because of the 1 hour limit.

If you entered 2 hour limit, then customer would not see anything till 4pm.