Why are no dates or times showing on Step 2 of my booking form? 

When you first go inside your account you will see that it is pre-loaded with fake test data to show you what your dashboard and system will look like when its fully set up with your store options, customers, providers, bookings and more. 

If you have flushed your test data for the system, (Settings > General > Store Options > Admin Tab > Scroll to the bottom and click the red button) then all of that fake information will be removed from your account. 

What gets removed and what stays? 

When you flush the test data you will be removing the fake customer, the fake provider and fake team, the test location, all the fake job history, all the fake upcoming bookings, and all the fake charges. 

What stays after you have flushed that is any of the store options that you may have changed in the meantime, all of the industry form information (Frequencies, Service Categories, Pricing under items/packages/pricing parameters/variables, and Extras). 

If you haven't noticed, the "Locations" are blank so you will have to go in and either create a Service Area (if your providers travel to customers homes) or a Merchant Location (if your customers come to your providers in a storefront) and you will need to save that. 

Next, you will have to put in a new provider. For this you can place yourself in but you will need to use a different e-mail address than the one you signed up with because the system sends email notifications so it will not know whether to send the admin or provider notifications. When you add yourself in the system will automatically create a schedule for you from 8 am to 6 pm. 

You will now be able to go test your form by placing in a new customer during Step 1 of the booking form.