The purpose of this article is to help you understand: 

  • The three different types of scheduling


Types of scheduling

We allow you to set up your scheduling in one of three ways.

Accepted Automatically:
Whenever someone books an appointment it will get assigned to a provider or team automatically based on who is available or not.

Accepts All Jobs: Whenever someone books an appointment or wants to reschedule an appointment, the provider or team will have to accept the appointment in order for it to be assigned to them. Providers can also decline appointments if they do not like the job offered.

Accepts Same Day Only: This is a combination of both. All jobs are assigned to someone automatically unless they are booked for the same day or rescheduled for the same day. For example, if you are booking today, for today, the provider or team will have to accept the job in order for it to be assigned to them. This saves time in manual labor having to have to call your providers to see if they can pick up the job.

In any case if someone does not accept the job, the customer will get a notification letting them know that “No Provider Was Found” and that you cannot fulfill the request.

If someone does accept it, they will get a regular confirmation email. Those that are accepted automatically receive a confirmation email right away.

More about accept/decline:

  • When someone books or reschedules, an available provider is blocked from other bookings until they accept or decline that job. During that time they cannot receive any other bookings unless they grab one from the unassigned folder or you assign one to them manually.
  • If the provider grabs a different job from the unassigned folder they will no longer be able to grab the original job and it moves onto someone else that is available, and if no one is available then it stays inside the unassigned folder.
  • If someone declines the original job it looks for someone else that is available and if no one else is available it stays in the unassigned folder for someone to pick it up.
  • The original job is always in the unassigned folder and anyone can grab the job at any time. The moment someone grabs a job, the customer will receive a 'confirmation' email if it was a new booking that no one accepted previously. If it's a rescheduled job that someone already accepted previously then a customer will receive a 'Your booking was modified' email letting them know of the change (in this instance a new provider that took the job).
  • Whenever a job lands in the unassigned folder, everyone will get a notification letting them know there is a job in the unassigned folder and that they can grab it.