Add-Ons appear once an Item is selected.

For example, in the hair salon industry "Add-Ons" would be something along the lines of "Mens Cut" "Women's Cut" "Cut and Wash" and you will be adding the pricing and time structure under the add-on. 

Go to the "Add-Ones" main section and click on the green "Add New" button.

You will want to name your add-on. 

You can then add a description for the add-on so you know what it's about. 

Show explanation icon on form

This option allows you to tell the customer a little bit about what this add-on gets them or a guide if they should select this option or not. 

Enable pop-up on selection

Once the add-on is clicked, you can have a pop-up appear stating whatever you would like. (If you enable this option, a box will appear underneath allowing you to place in the text for the pop-up.) 

Display pop-up on 

This option allows you to choose where the pop-up will appear on. 

Display On

This option allows you to select where you would like this add-on to appear on. 

Price and job length increase based on quantity? 

When enabled, this option allows you to increase the price and time based on the quantity of the add-ons selected. If enabled, a new question will appear underneath asking "Manual or Multiply Structure?"

Manual or Multiply Structure? 

Multiply will have the system automatically multiply the add-ons evenly by the number of add-ons selected. 

For example; if a customer selects this add-on 3 times, then it will multiply the price and time structure by 3.  So if the add-on is $25 and 20 minutes to complete, then it will multiply $25 x 3= $75 and 20 x 3 = 60 minutes. 

Manual will have the system take what you input in the price and time areas and based on the amount the customer selects it will add that time and price to the totals. 

For example; if you have this add-on to be selected a maximum of 3 times then you can set the price and time to be different for 1 add-on, 2 add-ons, and 3 add-ons. You can have it set that 1 add-on will take 10 minutes to complete and be a $10 additional charge then 2 add-ons can be 15 minutes and be an additional $15 and lastly 3 add-ons can be 20 minutes to complete and $20 additionally. 


This option allows you to select which frequencies will this add-on appear on.

Service Categories

This option allows you to select which service categories will this add-on appear on. 


This option allows you to select which items will this add-on appear on. 

Price & Time

S.A. stands for Service Area. 

M.L. stands for Merchant Location

The tabs on the grey bar are your items, if you want to charge different prices or have different times for different items you will have to select the item and then place in the price and time. 


Put in how much a customer will have to pay additionally for this add-on. For example, in the car cleaning industry, an add-on that is commonly used is Interior Cleaning. 


Put in how much time the add-on will take additionally to the service. 

If you allow for multiple add-ons to be selected and choose the manual method of adding the pricing and time structure then the top box will be for 1 add-on then the next will be for 2 add-ons and so on. 

Select Icon

You can place an icon for this add-on. The image size is 300 x 300 px. 


This option allows you to select which locations will this add-on appear on. 


This option allows you to enable or disable it from showing on the booking form. *Note: you will not be able to disable this add-on if you have active bookings in the system already with this add-on selected. The booking must be completed and charged for it to be able to be disabled. 

Click the green "Save" button on the bottom of the page. 

Repeat this for every add-on you wish to have.