The purpose of this article is to help you understand: 

  • What the unassigned folder and waitlist is
  • How to enable your settings to set up your unassigned 


What is the unassigned folder/waitlist?

Whenever a booking has not yet been assigned to a specific provider, it will be “stored” in the unassigned folder.  For example, a customer may want to reschedule for a different time, but you don’t currently have the time they are looking for.  Perhaps your worker has called off sick and you want to find a worker to cover that job as soon as possible.  Or, you may be fully booked up but you’d like to waitlist any potential jobs in case a cancelation comes in.  Whatever the case may be, these bookings will be displayed in this folder so you can pay special attention to them.  


How do I set up my unassigned folder?

Your unassigned folder comes configured and ready to go when you create your BookingKoala account, so it is ready to use as soon as you begin taking appointments.  However, you may want to customize which of your providers are able to see and pick up jobs from this area.  To do so, please click on:

  • Providers
  • Providers
  • [Provider/Team Name]
  • Profile
  • Settings

The first question in this section asks, “Show unassigned jobs to provider?”  If you select “yes”, this provider/team will be able to view and grab jobs from this folder directly through their dashboard.  If you select “no”, no jobs will display in this area for them at all.  


How do I enable my waitlist?

You can allow your customers to use the unassigned folder as a waitlist by going to:

  • Settings
  • General
  • Store Options
  • Customer

There is a question that asks “Do you want to activate the waiting list option under the booking form?”  This allows customers to submit a request for service for days and times that are already booked up.  Customers can also reschedule existing bookings into the unassigned folder if they change their preference to a date and time that you do not have the availability for just yet. 

As soon as the job is picked up from the unassigned folder or is assigned to a provider by your staff, the customer receives an automatic notification confirming the appointment has been covered. If the booking is unable to be covered, you can simply cancel out the booking and the customer will receive an automatic notification that you were unable to locate a provider for their appointment.  


How do my providers pick up jobs from the unassigned folder?

If you enabled your providers to see and pick up jobs for the unassigned folder, they will have a tab added to their menu in both their app and the desktop version.  
To look at job details, they can click the eye icon and then click the person icon to add the job to their schedule.  


There will always be a pop up displayed confirming that they want to grab this booking.  Once a booking has been grabbed by a provider, it cannot get "dropped" unless an admin or staff member places the booking back into the unassigned folder.