The purpose of this article is to help you understand: 

  • How to connect your provider's Stripe accounts



First, you as the merchant will have to create a Stripe account.

Make sure to activate and confirm the account, otherwise Stripe will not allow you to send out payments:


Once an account is made, you will need to go under:

Settings >

General >

Store Options >



Here you will need to fill out the client id. 

To get the client id from inside your new Stripe account, click here.


Now once that is connected you will need to copy the link from above and go inside your Stripe account, go to "Connect", > then click "Get Started":

Then select "Build a platform or marketplace":


Then once you come back to the "Connect" page you will need to complete your profile:


Follow the steps:


Click "Continue" and then "Submit" the information.

Once Stripe reviews the submission and you are approved you will need to go back under your Stripe account go to > Settings > Connect Settings:


Then, once inside, you will need to click on "Add URI" and paste in your Stripe redirect URL from above:


Note: Each time you add a new domain your redirect URL will change. For example, you purchase a new domain: which now becomes your primary domain for your site - now your redirect URL will change to reflect your new domain. When this happens you will now see multiple redirect URLs:


The top most URL is your primary domain and will now need to be updated in Stripe. You can either delete the old one and make a new one or replace the old one to reflect the new domain. If you do not make this change each time you change your domain, payment will stop working.

Now your Stripe account is connected and payments can be sent out to providers.

Whenever sending out payment to your providers you will always need to have funds inside this Stripe account otherwise payment will be failed.

For example if you owe someone $1,000 you will need to have $1,000 inside the connected Stripe account in order for funds to be transferred over to a provider.

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How do I connect a Providers Stripe account?

Now that your Stripe account is connected each new provider you add to the system needs to have a Stripe account so funds can be transferred over.

If they don't have an account they will need to create a new Stripe account.

Make sure also that their account is activated and confirmed, otherwise payment may be held.

Once the account is made you will need to go under:

Providers >

Click on the providers name >

Profile tab >

Payment Processor:


If you are connecting a Stripe account on their behalf, you will need to log out of all Stripe accounts and click "Connect with Stripe", then you will need to login with their details.

If you forget to log out of an account, a different account may be connected on accident. 

If that happens you can disconnect it and reconnect a new account.

Also, if you allow providers to connect their own accounts, they can do so on their end by going to their "Payment Processor" tab:


Once they press the button they will be able to connect the account.

Again, make sure they are signed into the account they want connected before clicking the blue button.

Once an account is connected it will display a different message and from there you will be able to disconnect the account at anytime.

Your provider will now be ready to receive payments.