Charges for customer bookings

BookingKoala allows you to charge all the completed bookings of a customer. 

You can process  a charge by clicking the “Add charges” button available at either of the following locations:    

Bookings > Booking charges > Pending Charges 


Bookings > Booking charges > All Charges

On the click of the “Add charges” button, you will see two options. From which “Charge booking(s)” is autoselected. Search for the customer for whom you want to charge the bookings. You can search by name, email, or phone -number.

After searching the customer, you will see all the completed bookings of the searched customer.  A booking is considered "complete" once the job length has passed in the system.

  • For example, if you schedule a 3-hour job at 8:00 AM, the system will consider the job finished at 11:01 AM. 

You can select the booking(s) on which a charge should be applied from the list. In "Charge amount", you will see the total amount to be charged. 

Now, you need to provide the payment information.  In the payment information, you need to select the payment method. The following options are available to you:

  • Existing credit card (if there is one on file with the customer)
  • New credit card
  • Cash/check

Now, to perform the charge you need to click on the “Charge” button: 

Upon clicking the "charge" button, a single charge will be performed on all the selected bookings based on the selected payment information.


Location selection for Stripe payment gateway:

If you are using a Stripe payment gateway, in that case, you also need to select the location. The payment will be processed based on location. The option is given because different locations can have different Stripe accounts associated with them.

Please Note: The charge will be processed based on the selected payment information, regardless of the payment information(payment method) provided on the booking.

To learn more about integrating Stripe as your payment processor, click here.  


How will the card hold be handled?

If there is a card hold on any/all of the selected bookings, the card hold amount will be captured and the remaining amount(if any) will be charged.


How will the charge decline be handled?

If the charge is declined because of any reason, the booking(s) will be moved to the “Declined” tab. From there, you can attempt a charge on the booking(s). 


How does 3DS2 impact payment processing?

If the 3DS2 is enabled on your account and the 3DS2 authentication is requested by the payment processor during the charge, then an authentication email/SMS will be sent to the customer. On successful authentication by the customer. The charge will be processed and the booking(s) will be marked as charged.

 Please Note: If the 3DS2 authentication request has already been sent for the booking. Then a duplicate request will not be sent.

Notifications sent:

Upon successful processing of the charge, email and SMS notifications will be sent to the customer (if enabled).

To view, edit, or enable/disable Customer’s notification templates, go to: 

Notifications > Email > Customer tab, or

Notifications > SMS > Customer tab.

Under the Booking Fee Charged & Refund section, you will see:

  • Bulk bookings charge
  • Bulk bookings charge authentication

Apart from these notification(s), if you want to send the individual charge notifications (email and SMS) to the customer, then you can send them using the setting under:

General > Store Options > Payment > Do you want to send individual charge notifications to the customer with the bulk charge or invoice charge?  

If the setting is “Yes”, then the following notification(s) along with the above-mentioned bulk charge notification will be sent:

  • Booking charged
  • Service receipt

To learn more about 3DS2 authentication in BookingKoala, click here.