The purpose of this article is to help you understand: 

  • What the multiple appointments feature is
  • How to enable it


What is the multiple appointments feature?

Multiple appointments is a feature that will allow customers to book a certain provider X amount of times for the same time slot. 

For example; in the dog training industry, you can have customers book a dog training package with Provider A, 10 times for 9 am. 


How to set up your smart scheduling for multiple appointments?

First you will go to:

Settings >

General >

Store Options >

General Tab >

Scroll down to the "Booking Spots" section >

Find the question "Activate Multiple Appointments Per Spot?" >

Select "Yes" >

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Save".

Next, you will need to go to each providers profile that you will allow to take on jobs with multiple appointments. 

Go to:

Providers >

Providers tab >

Click on the providers name >

Click on the "Schedule" tab >

Next click on the "Booking Spots" tab >

Select the day of the week that you want to add the spots to >

Now go to each box that has a "1" in it and add however many spots can be booked for that time >

You will need to click the green "Save" button next to each box that you add spots into. 


Next you will have to go to the provider settings to set up how many times can that specific provider can be scheduled for the service. 

Go to:

Providers >

Providers tab >

Click on the providers name >

Click on the "Profile" tab >

Click the "Settings" tab >

Click the "Forms" tab

Here at the top of the page you will see "Turn On Multiple Appointments?" with the options of Per Booking Spot, Per Booking Spot + Package, and Off. 

Per Booking Spot is set to however many booking spots you placed under their settings under the "Booking Spots" tab.

Per Booking Spot + Package is set to allow you how many times this provider can work a certain package/service for that appointment time. 

You will have to go into your packages and go to each package you offer and select the option "Can This Package Be Combined With Other Packages Or Forms For The Same Spot?" and you will select "Yes" then scroll to the bottom of the page and click the green "Save" button. 

If it does not allow you to change the option to either Yes or No then it is likely that you have a booking in place that is blocking you from making the edit. You will have to delete the booking to make the changes or wait for the booking to be completed but if you wait you may have someone else book an appointment in the meantime causing the issue again. 

For example; if you have a certain package/service that you want to limit the provider on because they may be a new provider or a slower provider and you want to ease them into handling more appointments at a time then this would be a good selection to set. 

None is to turn them off of being selected for the multiple appointments feature.