The purpose of this article is to help you understand: 

  • What types of payment you can accept
  • Which payment processors you can use in BookingKoala


Which payment processors work with BookingKoala?  

Processing Debit/Credit Card Payments

Currently, BookingKoala can be connected to the following payment processors:

For a detailed guide on how to set up each kind of processor, please use the links above.

Please note: BookingKoala can only connect one payment processor at a time. You cannot connect to more than one payment processor per account.  


Processing Provider Payouts

Currently, there are three payment processors that can pay out providers:

You can only connect one way to payout your providers and it must correspond with your primary payment processor.  


What payment methods can I accept?

BookingKoala has two different options for collecting payments: using a credit/debit card and/or cash/check.

To enable the types of payment you would like to accept, go to:

Settings > General > Store Options

Under the General tab, click on the Store Info subcategory name or the plus sign icon to expand the settings options. The checkboxes for the Accepted Forms of Payment can be found close to the bottom of the Store Info section.  


If both boxes are checked, the customer can checkout using either of the two options.

If Cash/Check is disabled, customers will not be able to select that option and will need to enter a debit or credit card to book their appointment.  However, admin and staff accounts are still able to select the cash/check option from the backend. This can be helpful when saving booking drafts or if a customer needs to call back at a later time with card information.  

If Credit/Debit Card payments are disabled, you will have to collect all cash/check payments manually from your clients.  Cash/check can also represent payments collected outside of BookingKoala's current payment processor options, like if payment is sent from a cash app.


Payments Via Gift Cards and Referral Credits*

If you are using the "Premium" plan, your customers can also book using gift cards and referral credits.

To offer and use gift cards, you will need to connect a payment processor (Stripe, Square, PayPal, or  Charges for gift cards are processed immediately upon purchase. They can be redeemed by entering the code into the gift card tab in the booking form. 

Learn more about gift cards.

You also have the option to offer referral credits to your customers.  Referral credits are awarded when someone books using the customer's unique referral link.  Both parties must have one completed booking before the credits are applied to their account.  Admin or customers can apply the referral credits to lower the cost of their next service. 

Learn more about referral credits.

The balances for gift cards and referral credits are tracked automatically, so you do not have to keep track of any changes if a booking is modified or canceled. 

*Premium Plan only