The purpose of this article is to help you learn:

  • How to use the add payment feature


How to Use the Add Payment Feature

The Add Payment feature has been released to make it easier for your customers to add a form of payment on file for their bookings. 

  • Some customers prefer not to give their card information over the phone.
  • Other customers may be hearing-impaired and may find it easier to complete.
  • Saves time on the phone for both parties.

To access this feature, please locate a booking without a card on file in the dashboard.  

If you are in list view, look for the Send "Add Card" Link icon beneath the Actions column.

If you are in calendar view, click on the booking and look for the Send "Add Card" Link button listed beneath the booking summary.

Once you click on the button/icon, a pop-up will appear with several options.

  • The topmost Text field allows you to send a message of up to 200 characters to include alongside the Add Card link.  
  • The URL can be copied and manually sent to customers.
  • The Send email, Send SMS, or Send both options allow you to decide if you'd like to send the link via email, SMS, or both.

To send the link, click the blue "Send" button at the bottom right corner of the pop-up.  A green system notification will appear in the top right c corner of the page letting you know the link has been sent successfully.


Add Card Link Notification Templates

If you receive an error message when trying to send an Add Card link to a customer, you may need to enable the global email and SMS templates for the "Add Card" link.  To do so, please go to:

Settings > Notifications > Email> Customer > Account

Scroll down to the bottom of the Account section until you see the "Add Card" template and click the toggle button to switch it to Enabled

Repeat the process for the "Add Card" template located under:

Settings > Notifications > SMS> Customer > Account

Now you will be able to send both email and SMS links to your clients.