The purpose of this article is to help you:

  • Learn how to add new images for gift cards 
  • Know how to help a customer purchase a gift card as admin


What needs to be set up?

In order to sell gift cards your payment processors must be connected. 


How do I add a new gift card for a customer? 

From your dashboard go to:

Marketing >

Gift Cards >

Send Gift Card

In here you will be able to select the image of the gift card, enter in the senders information, enter in the recipient information, include a message, and either send it now or send it on a specific day and time. 

How do I add new images for gift cards? 

Marketing >

Gift Cards >

Gift Card Gallery >

Then click on the grey rectangular box at the top of the page that says "Upload Gift Card Image" 

The ideal image sizing for a gift card image is 350 x 150 px. 

How do I check how many gift cards are outstanding for my business? 

To check how many customers have purchased gift cards and to see the status of those gift cards go to:

Marketing >

Gift Cards >

Gift Cards (Again) 

Here will be a list of all the gift cards that were purchased and you can see how much of the gift card was used and how much was left over.