Daily discounts gives you the ability to give discounts to your customers on days that are slower so you can offload some of the busier days and manage your schedule better. You have the ability to set either a fixed discount of $20 off or you can do a percentage discount of 15% off.


For example, if you are busiest Thursday through Sunday and your Mondays through Wednesdays are slower, you can set up these discounts on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday to entice your customers to book on those instead.


You can set these up in 2 ways. You can have "Daily" discounts or "Date" discounts.


Date discounts are when you want to offer a discount on a specific date only like Black Friday or Cyber Monday.


You can also use the industries filter at the top of the page to set up different discount for you different industries.


How do I set up my Daily Discounts?


Marketing >

Daily Discounts >

Day Discounts Tab (This is the default tab that you will land on) >

Select the day you want to place discounts for >

Now you can either use the section underneath where it shows the day so that it will apply the same for every booking spot for the day or you can go to the right hand side, pick and choose which booking spot gets what type of discount. >

Once you are done click the blue "Save Changes" button in the top right hand corner.




How do I set up my Date Discounts?


Marketing >

Daily Discounts >

Date Discounts >

Select the day you want to place discounts for >

Now you can choose the industry this will be for and if its a specific date or range >

Place in your description (keep in mind this will show on the customer end as well when they select the date). >

If you want all the spots to have the same discount, click on the "Apply to all spots" box and a new set of areas will populate so that you can place in the discount and choose whether it is fixed or percentage based. >

If you want each spot to be something different then you will go to the booking spot time and enter in your discounts >

Once you are done click the blue "Add" button at the bottom right hand corner.