The purpose of this article is to help you learn: 

  • Where to view your customer ratings
  • How ratings are collected
  • How to enable the automatic rating notifications 
  • How to rate a booking for a customer
  • How to edit or reset a rating


Customer Ratings

To better help you track your business's quality of service, BookingKoala contains an internal rating system to collect customer feedback.

Each rating contributes to a provider/team's average rating. This average rating is displayed below the provider's name almost everywhere in the system.

BookingKoala also offers several features to help get your internal ratings out to the public eye.  

One way is to display the "Live Reviews" section on your website. Click here to learn how to display internal reviews on your booking form or add them to another page in the website builder.

Another option is to set up the automatic reviews feature to display links to external review sites when the customer leaves a good rating.  Click here to learn how to set up the automatic reviews feature.  


Where can I view the ratings? 

To view the all your customer ratings in one place, please go to:

Marketing > Ratings

At the top of the page, you can use the filters to look for ratings by industry, location, and date.  You can also search by name, email, or phone number.

Below, you will see a list of the ratings that have been submitted by your clients.

You can also view ratings for a specific provider or team by visiting their dashboard. Click on the "Reviews" tab at the top of the page to view a list of all ratings for this provider.

To view comments left by the customer, hover your cursor over the orange note icon under the "Review" column. 


How do I get ratings? 

Ratings can be collected in several different ways.

  1. If you have enabled automatic rating notifications, customers will receive an email after their service has been completed with a link to rate their service. Once they click the link, they will be redirected to a page where can leave a rating without having to login. 

  2. Whenever a customer signs into their dashboard after a booking has been completed, a feedback pop-up will display.  The customer can proceed with leaving a rating and comment, or click "Maybe Later" if they do not want to leave a rating at the moment.  

    You can also enable the automatic review feature to display after the pop-up if the customer leaves a good rating. Click here to learn how to set up the feedback pop-up to convert internal reviews into external reviews.  

  3. Customers can log into their dashboard at any time and visit the "Previous Appointments" section to rate their service.

  4. Admin and staff can add ratings on behalf of customers under any "Job History" section in the backed when in "List View".


Setting Up Automatic Rating Notifications

Click here to learn how to set up automatic rating notifications for customers.  

Once enabled, customers will receive an email and/or SMS message asking them to provide feedback on their recently completed booking. 


Rate a Service for a Customer

Click here to learn how admin and staff can manage ratings and reviews left by customers.